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pamela rivas

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Pamela Rivas, Orel Bakhshizadeh, & Ian Delnavaz
Group 6k Chemistry Project Our goal for the first poster was to make a Perdiodic Table that is easy to understand. This will help future students comprehend the periodic table.
Goals Working on the poster Goals Working on the poster Who Did What Our goal for the second poster was to teach students how to correctly make Lewis Dot Diagrams. The poster has all the rules that one needs to follow
and also gives examples
for better
Orel: Wrote post-its, colored the cloud, wrote for the second poster, and provided a house to work in.
Pamela: Outline for the periodic table,
taped down the post-its, cut out
the clouds, and bought supplies.
Ian: Taped down the post-its,
cut out information cards, and
provided examples.
Goodbye Mr. Mukai! Thank you for
everything. We will miss you!!!
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