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Insects of Isle Royal

No description

angel baby

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Insects of Isle Royal

Inscects of isle royal The main bugs on isle Royal are Mosquitos, Black fly, deer fly, stable fly, and no-see-ums mosquitos: Alot of people know what they look like. Black Fly: They are alot smaller than a house fly. They chew a small hole to get blood. Deer Fly: They have green and orange markings. They can follow the same hiker for miles trying to land on the exat same place in the part of your hair stable fly: they look like a under size house fly. They stay close to the ground giving them the nick name ankle biter. no-see-ums: Nobody knows what they look like cause they are so small. You feel them before you see them anyway. That was a picture of a no-see-ums The most popular bugs: mosquito, Black Fly, Deer Fly, Stable Fly, and no-see-ums.
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