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Anthony Ray Baeza

No description

maria jackson

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Anthony Ray Baeza

How Anthony Ray Baeza Became Famous
Youtube Fans
- He started recording his music and uploading videos on youtube.
- He finally decided to sign with "Maw Records" on March 28, 2012.
Who Is Baeza?
How It All Started
- He was only 13 years old living in Fresno when he took interest in making music someday. He did not want to wait though, so he figured why not start now?
Record Companies
- Soon record companies were hearing about "Baeza from youtube" and became interested.
Not Yet!
- Although he had the amazing opportunity from a couple of record companies, Baeza did not take the offers!
Later On
- He began making beats on the new music software in his free-time.
By Maria Jackson
- Anthony R. Baeza is a very modern rapper.
- He raps about things that have happened in his life, sex, love and smoking marijuana.
- Christmas time came around and the only thing he asked for was a computer software that would let him create his own unique beats.
- Soon he started adding vocals. He didn't think anything of them, they were just an extra touch of "the vibe."
- Eventually he started writing lyrics for his songs. He knew he had talent for music making in him somewhere, so he kept it going.
- He was getting so many views on his videos and became quite popular on Youtube. He began going known by his last name, Baeza.
- Baeza was offered many deals from record companies.
- He knew that it was important to finish high school before he made any major decisions concerning his music, so that even if the music business did not suit him well later on, he would at least have a high school diploma to continue a normal life.
A New Life
- His new life of fame had slowly but surely started to begin.
- He has done many shows (even gone to Mexico), and plans to do many, many more!
"Looking back I see mistakes that I made, but when you're young, it's all fun til' you have to pay. Mama let me take the time to say I love you. Pops let me tell you I appreciate the struggle."

-Anthony R. Baeza
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