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7 wonders of the industrial word

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Mikayla Guevara

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of 7 wonders of the industrial word

Seven Wonders of the Industrial world Introduction For over 125 yrs. the people in our world has created remarkable features of engineering.
We now admire them in awe
All of these creations are "The Great wonders of the World"
They show people's creativity & determination
Now I will tell you about the 7 wonders of the Industrial World
The Bell Rock Lighthouse Robert Stevenson
Created off of east coast of Scottland between 1807 and 1811
Grandfather dreamed
Aimed to take on the most dangerous place,Bell Rock.
In 1799, over 70 ships went down in the coast but officials opposed his plan
Stevenson eventually made The lighthouse which is the oldest offshore lighthouse in the WORLD!!!!!! The 'Great Eastern' Isambard Kingdom Brunel's ship didn't last for the 21st century.
Wished to be his masterpiece that would take people to far places. Brunel's ship was almost 700 ft long, made out of iron
Vision-carry 4,000 passengers
Design-double hull made ship unsinkable
Enormous engines as high as a house Problems- ship was too big, too expensive, it would sink,or break its back on the 1st big wave.
concept became blue print for a ship design for years to come Bazalgette's London Sewers London was in a crisis called the great stink
Population grew rapidly during the 19th century
No sanitation
Widespread of disease swept through the city
30,000 people dead
The waste water was everywhere.
Joseph Bazalgette had a plan to build proper sewers underneath the city.
Drove himself to the limits of endurance as he struggled to realize his vision that was to difficult to do
However his design did eventually transform the city into a glittering modern capital. The Transcontinental Railway With 2 teams from the east and the west, they battled against hostile terrain, hostile inhabitants, etc. to build a train's tracks
Yet in 1869, the 2 teams' tracks were joined, shrinking the whole American continent.
The journey from New York to San Francisco was decreased from months to days. The Brooklyn Bridge In 1869, John Roebling won a contract to build the largest bridge in the world
It was to stretch 1,600 feet
The Bridge was to be build out of new material-steel
Dream cost his life
Pushed his son to finish work
Washington (John's son) & his team worked hard deep beneath the East River
Led them to a mysterious new disease called divers disease.
was so badly affected that he could not continue his work. Panama Canal By the late 19th century shipping became big business
Vicomte Ferdinand de Lesseps decided to cut a path across isthmus of Panama and unite the Atlantic and Pacific ocean
Unnecessary to go around Cape corn
Problems- they were facing an impenetrable jungle, dangerous mudslides and deadly tropical diseases.
25,000 lives were taken and it took 25 years to be completed The Hoover Dam As pioneers explored, found way across continent of America, but often got stopped by desert regions
In the 1900s, began to think about building a dam across the Colorado River
It would be 60 stories high and would have larger volume than the Great Pyramid at Giza.
Height Great Depression, workers sought poverty, died from explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning, and heat exhaustion.
Chief engineer, Frank Crowe did built ahead or schedule and under the budget. Conclusion All of these hardworking men had a dream to built the most interesting things which credit them now.
Through their struggle, many people manage to finish their dream invention.
We thank them now for all their struggle with these seven wonders of the Industrial World
Without them they would not benefit us or inspire us today THANK
YOU!!!! QUIZ!!!!!! Name 3 wonders of the industrial world???????
Who won a contract to build the largest bridge in the world?????
Why did they build the Bazalgette London sewers???
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