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PR 101

No description

Nicole Minadeo

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of PR 101

whats newsworthy
securing publicity
tips and best practices
how to maximize your PR coverage Public Relations 101 About Me! Over 10 years of marketing
and communications
experience. Currently working at
Resolute Consulting PR vs. Advertising What Does PR Do? Main Points to Remember Editorial coverage is FREE, CREDIBLE and UNBIASED Whats Newsworthy?? Timely Understanding the Media 5 Steps To
Securing Publicity Provides clients with expert advice on activities including media relations, corporate communications, crisis communications, strategic planning and special events. Secured press coverage in various high-profile media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, USA Today, The Today Show, Woman’s World, SmartMoney, Fox Business News, ABC World News Now, CNNMoney.com, and various local TV, radio and daily newspapers and online media outlets. Press Conferences Publicity Event What PR Can NOT do There are no guarantees - the story may run immediately, or Never. The media is in control Securing publicity takes time, effort and patience - persistence is key Even small publicity is favorable publicity! 1. Research and Develop Media List 3. Call the media outlets on your list Prominence If its new, unique, the first, timely, the only then its newsworthy! Proximity Significant Human Interest Important Interview Tips Its OK to have a cheat sheet Daily Newspapers – 4pm night before

Weekly newspapers – 2 days – a week before

Magazines – 1 – 3month before

Broadcast – same day – two weeks before

Online – immediate News Releases Byline Articles Expert Source Human Interest Stories Social Media Editorial Calendars Proactive Media Relations 2. Develop Press Materials and Materials 4. Send Information 5. Follow Up! Work in three key messages Don't mention the competition Stay positive at all times Stay focused - Everything is on record Say or wear your brand How to Maximize Your PR Coverage Use releases and articles as part of your sales collateral Share media coverage with staff and encourage them to share Attract new talent to the company Interest new clients Share on ALL social networks Include in newsletter or blog Create media section on your website and include media coverage, releases, awards and upcoming events Remember..... Securing publicity takes time, effort and patience Do your research! Make sure the story is timely Even small publicity is favorable publicity Share your PR success!! ANY QUESTIONS??? Public Relations " If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations." - Bill Gates Opinion Pieces
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