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Jack's Run

No description

Daud Avazov

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Jack's Run

Jack's Run By - Roland Smith
Protagonist - Jack Osborne who is basically the hero of the book.
Antagonist - Alonzo who is the bad guy in the story.
The setting starts by taking place in Manteo, the Osborne's, or should I say the Greene's, new home. It then shifts to Mendoza, Argentina, where the kids are held hostage at Alonzo's vineyard. The story ends in a hospital where Alonzo is threatened with his life if he ever comes after the Greenes again. Those are the main places where the story took place.
Problem and Solution
Problem - Alonzo is after the Osbrones (Greenes) family because there father worked for Alonzos drug cartel and had a diary with valuable information inside it and was going to use it to testify against Alonzo.
Solution - Jack Osborne (The Father) makes a deal with the DEA so his family would be safe and Alonzo will be in jail.
There are a lot of internal and External conflicts. Jack and his family all have an external conflict which is Alonzo and his men. Everybody in Jacks family have to make the right decision which is Internal (Man vs. Self)
Main Characters
Jack Osbrone/Greene
Mack Osborne/Greene
Christine Osbrone/Greene
Patricia Osbrone/Greene
Alonzo and his "Men/Crew"
DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency
Jacks was arrested for drug trafficking with Alonzos cartel. The DEA wanted to know all about Alonzos cartel and put a stop to it. so Jake made a deal with the DEA, if they release him and keep his family safe he will give them the information. After they released him (Jack) the trial date was set so Jack could testify against Alonzo and put him in jail. As the court case was coming closer his daughter (Christine) went to L.A to participate in a TV show called American Superstar. Then Alonzo finds there location and sends his men to kidnap Jacks kids and tells him t0 give Alonzo the diary or he wont get his kids back and there was a catch, he couldn't involve the police in this kidnapping. As the proceeds the kids escape in a barn and jack and his wife find the kids. In the end Jack testified against Alonzo and the DEA put a stop to his drug operation.
What I thnk about the book?
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes books about danger, adventure, and books that make you wonder what will happen next. When the kids are kidnapped you never knew if they would even live or not. It paints great mental pictures like when the author describes the western town, the underground bunker, and the vineyard. It was always exciting and has no slow parts. It is a great book for anyone to read, I highly recommend it.
Jack's Run is an adventure, action, and drama.
I would rate this book an eight and a half or nine.
Presentation By - Daud Avazov
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