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Bromley Armstrong

No description

hannah starkman

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Bromley Armstrong

"We changed the complexion of Canada and you'd be surprised, what amuses me about my life is that most Jamaicans don't know what I've done." - Armstrong

Bromley Armstrong was Born February 9, 1926, Jamaica.He was the middle child in a family of seven children, Armstrong had three brothers and three sisters, all of whom have left Jamaica.He attended Alpha Elementary School,and for college he attended Waltham College.He wasn't satisfied with those schools so from age 16-21 he worked as a clerk.(A clerk is someone who conducts general office tasks).

The government of Jamaica recognized Bromley Armstrong in 1998 with the order of distinction.
Also the government of Ontario gave him the Order of Ontario in 1992 for his outstanding work in human rights.
In 1998 he received the annual Baha’i National Race Unity Award for his pioneering fight against racism.
Bromley Armstrong remains active as a human rights champion and gives a great example to lots of people around the world.
Bromley Armstrong is 88 today.
Bromley Armstrong decided to study in Canada making Toronto his home.He Spent life fighting discrimination and intolerance,he also spent life speaking up for disadvantaged people.He soon became known as a Black Canadian Civil Rights leader.
Bromley Armstrong
Famous Quote:
This outstanding champion of fairness,led a march in Ottawa on 1954, with dozens of others, demanding that Canada’s racist immigration laws would have to be changed.

Bromley got restaurant owners and other businesses to go to court and be thrown out of there business because they would judge people on their skin colour.
I thought Bromley Armstrong was a strong hero he helped stand against human rights for black people,he is truly amazing with the effort he put in for most of his life.Bromley Armstrong taught me to be a good person and treat people fairly.
These are a few words of what Bromley Armstrong has to say about his life.
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