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How to Find Your Natural High

No description

Samantha C

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of How to Find Your Natural High

How to
Find Your
Natural High

The Facts
A natural high is when you are in a state of happiness or pleasure that has nothing to do with any substance of drugs or other steroids.
More than a quarter of a million teens
use drugs in the U.S. alone.
Our Natural Highs
My Natural High is
spending time with friends.
It takes your mind off of
things that make you sad or
upset. Spending time with
friends allows you to laugh
and smile even when you are
feeling down. When you are
alone you are leaving the door
cracked for bad feelings and
thoughts to creep in. That is
why I like spending time with
my friends because I can push
out the bad and upsetting
feelings that I can be having.
The original Natural High foundation (www.naturalhigh.org) created this idea to help decrease the number of teen using and abusing drugs or other medications.
The Natural High Foundation creates a video competition every year to enhance and promote everyone having a natural high. The best and most inspirational video is not only shared with the world but the producer is also given over $1,500 in prizes and cash money.
My natural high is dancing. Dancing gives me an ecscape from anything and everything that's on my mind. When I dance, I feel free and happy. On stage, I have the time of my life. It's the most amazing expiriance and I don't know what I would do or how to live without it.
My natural high is shopping because it makes me feel free. I like shopping because it helps me get all the negative thoughts out of my head and focus on the good things.
"My natural high is my kids because they make me feel happy, and, I get that good feeling from them anytime they do well or anytime they are around me, and, knowing that they will love me unconditionally." - Mrs. Milla
Mrs. Milla
This shows that your natural high doesn't have to be a thing or a sport. It can also be someone that you know will always be there. Someone you know will always make you happy.
How To Find Your Natural High: Guide
Step #1
Ask yourself these questions:
Is there SOMETHING I love to do most?
Is there SOMEONE I can always trust to love and care for me?
Choose your answer to one or both of those questions.
Step #2
Ask yourself...
Why is this thing or person special?
Why do I love and care for this thing/person?
Step #3
You now have your Natural High.
The Natural
High Organization
has a "Pledge to Live
Naturally High"
Pledge that
we would
like you
guys to join.
It is non-profitable
and takes no real
Raise your hand if you would like to pledge!
Thanks For Watching!:)
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