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22.3 The Jazz Age

No description

Melissa Pietricola

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of 22.3 The Jazz Age

The Jazz Age What arts and culture symbolized the jazz age? Fads: An exciting thing done by many
in society, quirky things that come and go
dancing the Charleston flagpole sitting dance marathons mah-jongg New Heroes Emerge Babe Ruth "Lucky" Charles Lindbergh Jazz combined rhythms from West Africa and the Caribbean, and harmonies from Europe to make a new and original style of music. Jazz was created by African American musicians in the nightclubs of New Orleans. Louis Armstrong Duke Ellington Radio helps to spread jazz beyond the African American community of Louisiana to the rest of the nation. Why do you think jazz is considered an American art form? Literature of the 1920s flourished Expatriots: people who leave their own country because they are disappointed with American society F. Scott Fitzgerald was a critic of the wealthy society of the 20s Ernest Hemingway captured the
growing antiwar sentiments of his contemporaries in A Farewell to Arms. Sinclair Lewis reacted to what her perceived as the hypocritical middle class that was focused on conformity and practiced racism. The Harlem Renaissance was a period of African American cultural growth started in Harlem, NY Lanston Huges was a poet who displayed racial pride in his work. He tried to make his poems sound like jazz music. Zora Neale Hurston recorded folk songs and tales to preserve culture.
Her most famous novel is Their Eyes Were Watching God. How does music and literature define our times?
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