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Copy of Mark Twain's Chalkboard-Huck Finn

No description

John Doenstein

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Mark Twain's Chalkboard-Huck Finn

Personality Test Weaknesses Strengths Respectful LEADERSHIP To be a leader you have to be a role model and capable of leading others not just with words but by actions. Alex Zaborac
Practical Leadership Final Creativity
Listening Shy
Not Assertive
Hate Conflict
Stress Teal-40/50
Orange-23/40 Listener Passion Unselfish Supportive Great leaders lead by example, they are able to motivate and inspire people to do things they didn't know they wanted to do. Leaders lead with courage, fearlessness and integrity. Small Group vs Large Group Easy to share ideas
More personal More opportunity for
creative ideas
get to know more people too many chiefs not
enough indians
side conversations easy to get distracted
sometimes you need more
people to get things done
faster ME I learned that I tend to over commit and I like to give everything my top priority. Also, in this class I learned how to be a better leader was inspired but many of the people we read about... Captain Sully Christopher Reeves Mattie Spetpaneck The Blind Side Reminder of the
difference you can
have on people
Be the change that
you want to seeAuthoritative
Control Practical Leadership Even though I won't be in this class next semester I hope that practical leadership continues to be a class that makes a difference in our school. I want to see the class do more events and activities that enhance the school culture and make kids enjoy coming to school. I also hope that the changes made continue to carry on next semester and everybody remains happy, positive, and respectful. And in the years to come I hope more students are involved and feel like they get a say in what happens in the school and being in the class is considered a privilege whether you are on council or not. Male Leaders vs Female Leaders Autocratic
Control Democratic
Positive Reinforcement
Negotiation Both are effective leaders, however males tend to do better in leadership roles with math , science or military. Where females do better with health and education leadership roles.
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