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Cactus Club Cafe

No description

jay jimbo

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe
Executive Summary
Cactus Club Cafe is the competitor in Western Canada's premium casual dining market.(founded in 1988 in North Vancouver)
Penetration into the tourists marketing
Expansion into Eastern Canada:23locations,employing
over 2,500 people
Two major key growth strategies:targeting a broader number of people,using popular geographical locations
Annual revenue is around $100million,which will slowly increase due to the strategies(internal and external factors "SWOT") we have implemented.
SWOT Analysis
Objectives and Issues
Current Marketing Situation
Restaurant industry: $68 billion marketing
strong growth in - Manitoba
- Saskatchewan
- Alberta
- Ontario
Social media and internet is a major factor in the success or failure of a restaurant
Tourists: Help the growth of the restaurant industry
Pricing Strategy
High customer value. "More for More"

Loyalty card

"You will get what you pay for"
Positioning and Value Proposition
Cactus Club Cafe will be sure to provide great customer service as you enter our doors to our restaurants.
We will prove to be one of the top restaurants where you will expect a fun, fashionable environment along with amazing food and excellent service.
We will strive to obtain customer loyalty where if it’s your first time or you are a returning customer, you will not be disappointed with your experience with us.
With that in mind, Cactus Club will offer every guest the highest quality of experience.
We guarantee an experience like no other!

By: Furqan Tahir, Arjay Emata,
Josh Sendler and Jeff Chen
• A customer that comes into Cactus Club with a smile, should leave Cactus Club with a smile and more!
• Every customer that enters that door should not be dissatisfied when they leave our restaurant.
• If there are any complaints we should deal with them with a positive attitude - “the customer is always right even if they are wrong”
• Customers should gain a positive experience they will not forget
Marketing Objectives
We will try to meet a certain quota each month:
• Each month we will try to gross around $8,750,000.
• Promotional offers for our restaurants will be offered to raise revenue.
• Be one of the highest rated restaurants in B.C.
Financial Objectives
Brand Objectives
• We will build customer loyalty to our products and have them attached to us in an instant.
• We will expand our business and grow in other areas in Canada.
• Position our restaurants so that our customers experience a unique atmosphere that will not be offered at any other restaurant.
• Tough competition in the Canadian restaurant industry
• Still a young company with not much experience in expanding
Marketing Strategy
Positioning and Value Proposition
Product Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Channel Strategy
Marketing Communication Strategy
Marketing Communication Strategy
Public Relations
Focus on a “high class” subculture to acquire new customers
Hold special events during holidays (example: holiday gift pack)
Expand to more locations in Eastern Canada
Brand Icons
Implement Chef Rob Feenie in ideas and events
Market a “lifestyle”
Implement TV commercials during peak TV hours (example: during the Stanley Cup Playoffs)
Competitive Advantage
Offer an experience that is different from competing restaurants in the market
Use Chef Rob Feenie’s expertise when creating a menu
Sales Promotion
Offer gift carded discounts during the holidays
Establishing itself as a trademark in the casual fine dining industry

Brand recognition and good employee reviews help to attract many new employees

Much of revenue is going back into expansion plans
Highly competitive market
Earls, Joeys, The keg, etc.

Expansion into unknown markets such as Eastern Canada pose a threat through unpredictability and lower levels of brand recognition

Rapid expansion plans leave room for error and the lose of major capital
Executive Chef Rob Feenie
Product Strategy
Channel Strategy
Relatively new company

Only known in Western Canada

Rapid Expansion is risky financially
The differentiation of cactus club will be the high class experience.
The extravagant food, high class environment leaves a lasting positive impression on customers.
Great customer service.
Easy to access locations.
Safe and caring environment.
Quick and reliable reservation system on the website. (www.cactusclubcafe.com)
Offers customers the chance to view the different menu items online
A mobile app is yet to be created for Cactus club. May be a future goal.
Restaurants mainly rely on word of mouth advertising; this can be cost effective but also ineffective at times.
Services a popular and large market
Voted top 50 best companies to work for in Canada
Thorough training programs
Well established in Western Canada with a rapid expansion plan
High brand recognition
Some locations rely on seasonal business (English Bay, heavily reliant on summer months)
Introduce unique promotions (example: 10th annual taste of Yaletown)
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