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360 Student Services - Innovations 2013

No description

Elizabeth Burns

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of 360 Student Services - Innovations 2013

Engaging the Online Student From Prospect to Degree 360˚ Student Services Over 6,000 online students (Fall 2012)
13 fully online programs & certificates
1 in every 4 students at Sinclair takes an online course
SinclairOnline includes
- 4 academic coaches
- 1 testing coordinator
- 1 program assistant SinclairOnline Overview Where We Started Implementation Process of Change Results Lessons Learned SinclairOnline Solutions: Prioritizing Services by Tier SSP


Placement/Course Testing Proctoring E-Tutoring Course Demos How to Succeed in an Online Course Navigating SinclairOnline

Any Student Taking an Online Course (Partially Online Student) TIER TWO
Any Student Fully Online

First-Year Experience Reactive Contact Proactive Contact

Tier Three:
Reduced Level of Need Tier Two:
Moderate Level of Need Tier One:
Highest Level of Need Categories of SinclairOnline Student Population NLL

At-Risk First-Year
Experience Any Student Fully Online Any Student Taking an Online Course (Partially Online Student) Academic intervention/probation Enrolled in SCC 1101 Partially Online Out of the Area Students Enrolled in DEV Courses Fully Online First 30 hrs at Sinclair Who are our students? Who is it most critical to serve? Referrals from other areas of the college Take Home!

Who would you identify as the students that should go in your “first tier,” those that should receive the most comprehensive service and outreach from your online support staff?

What could you do to initiate outreach to those populations? Can you identify a few subpopulations within your online student population who might have the highest need for increased e-student services? Discussion Point Two Take Home!

What departments/individuals could you meet with to develop streamlined processes for students in these bottleneck areas? Using the “Student Road Map to Success,” can you identify your two most critical “bottlenecks” in the online student’s path to success at your institution? Discussion Point One MAP the process your online students go through from prospect to goal completion, paying special attention to areas that present major obstacles to student success

IDENTIFY your student populations, and place them in a hierarchy by need level

CREATE or streamline services for your online population, with more proactive, intensive outreach aimed at your high need populations

PLAN for periodic review of practices and what should be modified or reassessed Steps to Improved E-Services
Christi Amato
Student Retention Coordinator, SinclairOnline

Elizabeth Burns
Program Coordinator, SinclairOnline
elizabeth.burns@sinclair.edu Thank You!
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