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My Family Tree

No description

Emily Feeback

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of My Family Tree

Emily Feeback Roger Feeback Shirley Minton Robert Feeback Durward Minton Jr. Margie Gilbert Letha Hatfield Mary Rudd Charles Hatfield Melvin Feeback Mary Smith Durward Minton Sr. Jessie Holland Horace Gilbert Lois Giles Born: September 27, 1996
Place of Birth: Clearwater, Florida Emily Feeback Roger Feeback Born: September 3, 1966
Place of Birth: Lexington, Kentucky Durward Minton Born: March 29, 1943
Place of Birth: Lakeland, Florida Shirley Minton Born: September 18, 1971
Place of Birth: Lake Wales, Florida (1974) (2010) (2004) (2011) (2010) (1981) (0000) (2008) Margie Minton Born: November 6, 1943
Place of Birth: Lakeland, Florida Robert Feeback (2009) Born: November 2, 1944
Place of Birth: Cynthiana, KY Born: September 17, 1945
Place of Birth: Clintonville, KY Letha Hatfield (2009)
Born: April 13, 1913
Place of Birth: Nicholas County, KY
Died: April 19, 1964
Born: August 1, 1924
Place of Birth: Nicholas County, KY
Died: March 8, 1975 Mary Smith (1968) (1963) (1963) (1953) Born: December 28, 1891
Place of Birth: Nicholas County, KY
Died: December 24, 1974 Charles Hatfield (1967) Born: July 12, 1904
Place of Birth: Bourbon County, KY
Died: March 3, 1891 Mary Rudd (1967) Born: March 29, 1943
Place of Birth: Lakeland, FL (1995) (2010) Durward Minton Jr. Born: December 6, 1921
Place of Birth: Lakeland, FL
Died: 1984 Durward Minton Sr. (1970) Born: December 7, 1924
Place of Birth: Lakeland, FL
Died: 2003 Born: November 6, 1943
Place of Birth: Lakeland, FL
Died: October 9, 2010 (2009) (2010) Margie Gilbert Born: March 26, 1914
Place of Birth: Lakeland, FL
Died: 1999 Born: December 29, 1918
Place of Birth: Lakeland, FL
Died: February 17, 2002 Lois Giles (1962) (1987) A folklore that has been passed down through
countless generations of Feebacks goes like this:
Approximately during the 17th or 18th century, a family called the Furboks were thrown into prison in Germany, because they couldn't pay their taxes. So, they sold themselves into slavery in order to try and pay off their debt. They were soon bought and shipped to America. In America, the Furboks worked for 20-25 years in order to gain their freedom. Once they were freed, they changed their name to Freebok and moved North to the Boston, Philadelphia, and New York area. Then the Freeboks decided, "Hey, we want to farm!" So they moved west to Kentucky and changed their name again, this time to Freebak. Through the years, the Freebaks wished to seem more Westernized and appear less German, thus changing their name, finally, to Feeback. Banana Pudding

Nilla Waffers
Instant Vanilla Pudding
Whip Cream

Crush some waffers into crumbs, not powder. Set aside
Make vanilla pudding according to package
Layer (in order) waffers, bananas,pudding, until container is full
Top with whipped cream and cookie crumbs
Refrigerate 2 hours, or overnight, before serving (1987) (1950) Jessie Holland (1967) (1989) No Picture
): (1950) Berlin, Germany (unknown ancestor who
came to America from Berlin) Coordinates of Berlin, Germany:
52.5233° N, 13.4127° E Lost Information:
All of my grandparents live in other states
and my sweet old Nanny (Letha) who just obtained
an iPhone, does not know how to take pictures of other
pictures, that's why some of them are blurry beyond
comprehension. Also, many of the young pictures of my great-grandparents have been lost in moves and misplaced over time, and I don't have more than one of each great-grandparent. Records were not kept on who exactly came here from America, so that is why we do not know the ancestor's name. Finally, my recipe is not necessarily from Germany, but my mom said that this recipe has been passed down from many many generations and it will have to do. Horace Gilbert
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