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03.07 Review and Project Milestone

No description

Adrianna Ellis

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of 03.07 Review and Project Milestone

03.07 Review and Project Milestone
Imitative Learning
Negative Reinforcement
Negative reinforcement is when something negative or unpleasant is taken away once you finish what is wanted. An example in my life would be I get yelled at until I finish my school work for the week. Once I finish it for the week, I no longer get yelled at to go do it. The desired response is that I do all my school work early and get it done before the last minute so i do not get yelled at.
Imitative learning is learning by observation and then copying those behaviors. This is mainly for younger kids, they watch everyone older do it and want to do the same. For example with my niece, she is 3 years old and she will watch me put on make up and then she will go and get into make up and try to put it on or she watches me paint my nails and learns to get into that and try and paint hers.
Punishment is the process of weakening a response by imposing unpleasant consequences. For example if I am told to go clean my room and I do not do it then my parents take away my phone and my car keys until I do clean it. This makes me go do it because I cannot leave the house or talk to anyone until what is wanted is done.
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