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Five Years From Now

No description

Anne Dorcilien

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Five Years From Now

Five years from now, it will be my first year at medical school to become a Obstetrician/ Gynecologist doctor. My yearly salary will be $42742.2, my gross income will be $59.488, my net income will be $3561.85, and my salary Bi weekly will be $148.41
Basically, taking care before and after childbirth. Also, treatment of disorders and diseases of the female reproductive system.

Duties & Requirements
What I will be doing.
Housing in NYC
My Personal Monthly Budget
Net Monthly Income: $3561.81
HOUSING expenses: $1230
TRANSPORTATION expenses: $112
FOOD expenses: $150
ENTERTAINMENT expenses: $70
PERSONAL CARE expenses: $430
LOAN expenses: $50

TOTAL expenses: $2042
SAVING: $1519.85

I have a lot of finance save after taxes and my expenses. This maintain my budget and I don't have a lot of money to pay for loan.
Resource Budget Sheet
Net Monthly Income: $2400
HOUSING expenses: $1160
TRANSPORTATION expenses: $112
Food Expenses: $400
ENTERTAINMENT expenses: $69
PERSONAL CARE expenses: $172
LOAN expenses: $275

TOTAL expenses: $2188
Saving: $212

After spending money and paying taxes. She have a low finance save compare to mine.
What is my career?
Five Years From Now Of Anne's Future
An obstetrician/gynecologist is a special physician that provided medical & surgical care to the women in pregnancy, childbirth, and disorders of the reproductive system.
I will be living in Brooklyn, New York. In an apartment.
The requirements are:
Science Bachelor's Degree
Medical School
OBGYN residency providing patient care in a clinic or hospital
State licensure and board certification
The mortgage payment per month is $950. The finance for the mortgage is good price.
Anne Dorcilien's Future
Pie Charts Of The Budgets
Making up my mind!
After doing this research, I concluded that I need to change my expenses and spend more money instead of saving it. I love going out. I believe I will spend my finance on going to sporting events and concerts the percent will get higher. I realize that I am a saving person, which is a good thing. I could help family members back in Haiti with my finance. I will spend more money on food $150 is insufficient for a month. My personal care expenses percentage will get higher cause I love shopping & I am fancy! From doing this budget project, I have a hint on how my life will looks like in 5 years from now. I found out that my future is in good shape as long I focus and stay motivated to what I want.
Future & Goals
My upcoming plans for the future are:
Become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist doctor
Save Money
Buy a House & a car
Married & Live Happily
Have Four Kids
Travel Around The World!
Live, Love, Life!
Pursuit Of Happiness & Working For That Cash!

I will basically eat vegetables, fruits, meats and plantains. Sometimes I will go out to eat. I will drink juice as you see everything is healthy. In order to keep my budget balance.
Comparing The Budgets.
My teacher spend more money on food the percentage is 17%, but my percent is 4. When it comes to saving my finance is a lot, the percentage of my saving is 43%, however her percent is 9. For our housing, the percentage is not far, mine is 35% and her percent is 48. Therefore, housing is what we spend more finance on, one of our similarities. However our finance and budget is different for the rest.
As I still live in New York, I will use public transportation ( subway and buses). The transportation finance is not expensive.
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