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No description

Rich Pott

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Characterisation

Starter Denotation: What you can actually see in the picture.

Connotation: What is implied/what you can infer from the picture. We will watch 3 character scenes.

Forr each clip, you must put together what you have learnt so far to complete the table on the sheet. Storyboard You are going to create your own storyboard in which you introduce a character of your own invention.

While doing this, you must consider:

1. Denottion/Connotation.
2. Camera Shots and their effects.
3. The effect of Scoring. Choose one of the scenes you saw and use your notes to write a full description of why the scene is so effective in developing character. Character LO: To be able to explain how technical features of a film enhance characterisation Character Scenes Develop Complete the Peer Assessment Sheet.
Once a sheet has been completed for your storyboard, stick it in your book. Discuss the ways the director uses a range of techniques to create effects on the audience in your chosen scene. Full Scene Analysis LO: To be able to identify features and evaluate the overall effectiveness of a scene.
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