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cons of banning cell phones at school

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gabriella goodman

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of cons of banning cell phones at school

Cell Phones Shouldn't Be
Ban From School

By: Anahi and Gabi

Banning Cell Phones at School Would Be a Bad Idea
Reason #1:
Schools should not ban cell phones because in case there is a emergency they can tell someone right away.
Evidence: Every year there are kidnappings, shootings or fires at schools.

Reason # 2
Another reason is that it can give them benefits and get help.
Evidence: It can help them look for research. Also it can help them with any assignment they have in class.


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The third reason is that in case a student missed the bus they can call a family member to come pick them up.
Evidence: Sometimes students miss the bus because they are doing stuff and have to call a family member to pick them up from school.
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