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No description

Melissa Goossen

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Brazil

Where is Brazil? Brazil is located in South America, bordering on 10 other countries. - population; 196.7 million people (2011)
- land mass; around 8 million sq km
- language; Portugese
- religion; Roman Catholic (98%)
- national sport; football (soccer) Carnival is one of the most
famous events in Brazil.
It is a street festival. The capital of Brazil is Brazilia. Facts about Brazil The flag means Green- Fields
Blue- Sky over Rio
Yellow- Gold and Wealth
Stars- Represents each state
White Banner- Order and Progress Order and Progress Brazil By Melissa Goossen
June 6th 2013 People Most of the Amazon rainforest is located in Brazil
- 2.5 million insect species,
- 40,000 plant species, and
- 20% of the world's bird species. The people in Brazil typically have
darker hair and eyes, and have darker
skin. They dress like we do. Carnival Famous Sights Christ the Redeemer Christ the Redeemer is a statue of
Jesus found in Rio de Janeiro.
It is a symbol of peace.
2 million visitors each year. History Brazil is a democratic republic. The people
vote for their leaders. The current
President is Dilma Rousseff. Government Soccer Brazil's national sport is
soccer. They have won the world championship 5 times and will host FIFA in 2014. Christian Perspective Yellow Arrow= meant to
OrangeRed= did This country in many
ways has been blessed
by God. It is rich in resources. The Amazon 90% of Brazil is tropical, though
60% has cooler temperatures. Brazil has 3 branches
- Executive- president
+ Cabinet
- Judicial- courts
- Legislative- senate
and chamber of deputies Thank You For Listening!!! I hope you learned something about BRAZIL Brazil became a colony in 1500.
Pedro Alvares Cabral, a Portuguese
explorer founded it and claimed it as
part of Portugal. Brazils National Animals are: Jaguar


Rufous Bellied Thrush Food Some famous dishes are: Acaraje- shrimp, black eyed
peas and onions
Feijoada- famous traditional
main course
Pao de Queijo- cheese bread
Brigadeiro- dessert Brazil is a second world country I chose Brazil randomly. Brazil has fish
in the Amazon
River, such as
the piranha. Natural Resources Some of Brazils Natural Resources are: - sand
- tin
- gold
- nickle
- gems
- iron
- limestone
- clay Brazilian Natives The native people of Brazil were settled
in Brazil before the portuguese came.
The portuguese called them " Amerindan"
The natives survived off the land. Animals Brazil is home to
the Amazon Rainforest Land Salvadors beaches and
Iguazu falls have beautiful
scenery and are very
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