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The Legacy Of InFamous

Shows many photos about the Infamous series. InFamous Second Son out March 21, 2014 only on PlayStation 4!

Arash Rahnama Jr.

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of The Legacy Of InFamous

Infamous 2
InFamous 1 and 2 was made only for PS3 and PS4. InFamous Second Son was made exclusively for PS4. InFamous Second Son will be out March 21, 2014.
These games were made by sucker punch and PlayStation. I asked a couple of years ago for Infamous 2 on Xbox 360, the crew of GameStop told me they never made it for that system.
The PS4 has the best graphics I've seen yet. Though some of you may disagree with me on this, i feel these graphics are the best around.
The setting of Second Son takes place in Seattle, Washington. The main character, Delsin Rowe is a graffiti artist. In the very start of the game, Rowe paints over his brother's, Reggie, billboard which advertises him as sheriff of the town. His brother arrives as soon as he finishes, and this causes Delsin to run. Delsin has to run across a beach, and climb a steep hill. From there his brother catches him as he is entering a party. The two brothers see a truck in mid-flip and rush to help the injured. Rowe gains his smoke powers from an unharmed passenger.
A group of people named Sucker Punch Created Sly Cooper. Sly Cooper was one of those cartoon games many of us may have played when we first played Playstation or Xbox. Soon, in 2009, Sucker Punch created the InFamous series. People didn't expect this. In this series, the player was given the ability to climb buildings, and do other forms of parkour.
Infamous took place in a made up city know as Empire city. Main character, Cole MacGrath, was a package deliverer. One day, Cole received a package. Soon named a blast core. He unknowingly had activated a small nuclear bomb which destroyed half of Empire City. He gained powers to control and channel electric charge. Cole had also become immune to death from extreme heights. Cole also could never swim again due to electricity and water not mixing. People disliked him for the death and destruction.
In the ending of Infamous, Cole was notified by his future self, a powerful and being, known as The Beast, would soon visit him. He would have to be ready if he was going to defeat it. In Infamous 2, Cole spoke with a secret agent, Agent Kuo, whom told him she knew a person who could amplify his powers. Cole, his best friend, Zeke, and Kuo had to travel to New Marais to meet a man named Wolfe. Just as the 3 were about to enter the ship the beast appeared. Of course, Cole hopped of the ship to confront him. Cole was knocked into the water and defeated.
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