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The Pigman by Paul Zindel

No description

Mary Ashley Tenedor

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of The Pigman by Paul Zindel

#throwback to high school in Franklin High when "... I got elected the bathroom Bomber. They called me that because I used to set off bombs in the bathroom. I set off twenty-three bombs before I didn't feel like doing it anymore" (1).
John would tweet...
good job today performing the supercolossal fruit roll #success
John would tweet...
Lorraine commented:

Your jokes are hilarious!
Angelo Pignati's Wall
Everyone I need your help. John has gotten into the habit of smoking and he won't stop. "... I got my mother to bring home a pamphlet about smoking... I even got her to borrow a book from a doctor... But nothing seems to have any impact on John..." (8). #help
Lorraine would tweet...
The Pigman
by Paul Zindel

Realistic Fiction
I don't care if you think I'm ugly. Go ahead and call me fat or tell me that you hate my hair or how i wear my clothes. "I may not be Miss America, but I'm not the abominable snowman either" (11). #beautifulinmyownway
Lorraine would tweet...
John would tweet...
"Maybe [Lorraine and I] speeded things up a little, but you really can't say we murdered him. Not murdered him" (20). #innocent.
Lorraine commented:

Thank you for letting me enjoy myself today.
Angelo Pignati's Wall
John would tweet this because he never got caught putting bombs in the bathroom. John knew how to set off the bombs or firecrackers without anyone realizing it was him. He had done it so many times and feels no shame so he would tweet it.
John would tweet this because it was always a group effort. "... on Wednesdays when [John] knew there was going to be a substitute teaching... [he'd] pass the word at lunch and all the kids... would buy these scrawny apples" (2). then he would give the signal to roll the apples towards the teacher during that class. John knows that without the rest of the class he wouldn't be able to do this so he would congratulate everyone with a tweet.
Lorraine would tweet this because she wants to help John. She knows the horrible effects and would try to urge him out of it. Lorraine would try to find more people to help so she would tweet it out.
Lorraine would tweet this because she is tired of being called ugly. Everyday she has to reminded of her appearance even though she doesn't care. She's tried of listening to what everyone else has to say and is ready to stand up for herself.
John would tweet this out because he doesn't want Lorraine and himself to be in blame for Mr. Pignati's death. They were only supposed to be making prank calls but then Mr. Pignati invited them over to his house. They did't try to kill hm and they definitely don't want to be blamed for his death.
When Lorraine spoke to Mr. Pignati for the first time, she felt guilty after pretending that she was part of an organization that was trying to raise money. She was making prank calls with John and they were trying to see who would get the person the other line talk the longest. While he was talking Lorraine realized that "There was something about his voice that made [her] feel sorry for him" (24). Lorraine kept listening to the jokes that Mr. Pignati had to say because she felt like it would make him feel better.
Lorraine has never been allowed to goof off in her family but Mr.Pignati changed that. John, Mr. Pignati and Lorraine all bought roller skates and wore them while they were on the fifth floor. She enjoyed doing "... something that let [her] be a child... something just silly and absurd and... beautiful" (87). Since Lorraine was able to have this experience - and enjoyed it - she would thank Mr. Pignati.
Bore's Wall
Conchetta Pignati's Wall
Angelo Pignati
Angelo Pignati's Wall
Facebook Friends
John from "The Pigman" and Craig from "It's kind of a Funny Story" because they both have interesting places to go to when they need time to think.
John goes to the cemetery. He lies on his back and he wonders if anyone is up above him, or even below him. He thinks that "... cemeteries are one of the loveliest places to be..." (62). When John goes to the cemetery, he isn't afraid of finding anything supernatural. John goes because he wants to find ghosts.
Craig, on the other hand, goes to the bathroom. He says that "They are sanctuaries..." (7). He think this because of the simplicity of the act of going to the bathroom. Craig is always being bombarded with stress and going to the bathroom can always help him relieve it.
John commented:

"I just don't want to wear a suit every day and carry an attache case and ride a subway. I want to be
. Just me. Not a phony in the crowd" (66).
John would write this because he wants to be himself and not what his father, Bore, wants. One night Bore invited John over to his work and when he denied the invitation, Bore started to tell John that his dreams of becoming an actor was never going to happen. John wasn't happy with this so he stood up for himself by telling his father that he didn't want to have just any old job and that he wanted to be himself.
John from "The Pigman" and Craig from "It's Kind of a Funny Story" would be friends because they both know what it's like to be different from their siblings and be compared to them.
Facebook Friends
John has an older brother named Kenneth. Kenneth had decided to work at the Exchange like his father and since John doesn't have any interest at working there he is sometimes put down. John is also a troublemaker and his mother can always make him feel bad about what he has done by saying, "Kenneth never gave us any trouble..." (30). John's parents see him as a burden whilst Kenneth is seen as an angel.
Instead of Craig's parents comparing him to his younger sister, Sarah, he has taken up the job to do that himself. Craig has trouble dealing with his friends, schoolwork, and eating so when he see's his younger sister seeing him like that not only does it upset him to be such a bad role model but he also feels bad for not being able to have his life together. There are days when he is "...sinking and failing. [Sarah] reacts well to this. she does more schoolwork and has more fun. she doesn't want to end up like [Craig]" (39). He then tries to pick himself up by saying that he is at least an example of what not to follow.
Facebook Friends
Facebook Friends
Facebook Friends
Norton and the Evil Fairy* from
Sleeping Beauty
would both be friends because they were both uninvited guests to a party and when either showed up, they ruined the plans of the hosts of the party. They're also both considered bad people.
Norton's friends, John and Lorraine, were throwing a party at the Pigman's house because he was at the hospital and they knew that the Pigman would want them to use the house to their advantage. Lorraine and John had invited everyone they knew with the exception of Norton. They hadn't invited Norton because he has the habit of going wild and taking things too far. Still, Norton had showed up uninvited and even though John had kept a close eye on him, Norton had gotten into a room into the house that he wasn't aloud to be in. It was the Pigman's pig room where he kept his collection of glass pigs that he had gotten from his wife, Conchetta, who had just passed away. When John entered the room, Norton took one of the pigs and "... threw it against the wall where it blasted to pieces. Several other broken pigs were laying all over the floor..." (142). Just as Lorraine and John expected, Norton had caused trouble when he came to the party.
*The Evil Fairy from
Sleeping Beauty
is more commonly known as Maleficent since the movie
came out but in the story book I have had, she is named Faruza.
The Evil Fairy, Faruza, on the other hand was simply forgotten from the guest list. The King and Queen had thrown a party to celebrate the birth of their first child, Briar Rose. In the guest list they had invited seven kind fairies and six of them were able to give their gifts before Faruza had shown up. Faruza was upset that she wasn't invited so she decided to give a gift to Briar that she knew would make the King and Queen just as upset. "She approached the sleeping baby and gave her gift... On her sixteenth birthday, Briar Rose would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel... and die." (3). Just like Norton, Faruza had shown up unwanted and instead of being a kinda guest they had purposely tried to make things go all wrong.
Angelo Pignati commented:

I love how you collect pigs because I gave you one to remember me by.
Conchetta Pignati has collected pigs for so long that she has to have a designated room for the pigs to all fit in one place. Conchetta got started on collecting them when Angelo "... gave her one to remind her of [him]..." (43). This happened before they were married and she found it funny because Angelo's last name is
nati. The Pigman would send this to Conchetta because he misses her. They were married for so long and when Conchetta passed away, Angelo was devastated.
John commented:

"Did you have to die?" (160)
John would comment this because he didn't want Mr. Pignati to die. John never did not have much room to be himself in his family and whenever he was around Mr. Pignati, he was allowed to do whatever he wished. He like this and how Mr. Pignati was always smiling and happy to be around Lorraine and him. Then Mr. Pignati had a heart attack and he was gone. This upsets John and now he just wants Mr. Pignati back.
Aaron from
It's Kind of a Funny Story
and John would be friends because they both know the risk of drugs yet they do them anyway.
Inside Aaron's apartment you can always find pot. "... he has a room with an entirely separate ventilation system..." so that he and his friends are always able to smoke it (4). It's not like Aaron isn't smart enough to know that doing drugs is bad for you, it's just that he doesn't care. He and all of his friends know that doing drugs can lead to serious health problems, they still willingly do them.
John doesn't smoke pot, but he does smoke cigarettes and drink. Just like Aaron, he knows that eventually doing drugs will kill him. He even has someone remind him of this. Lorraine is worried and is there next to John reminding him that that smoking will kill him but he doesn't care; "[he] knew what it was doing to [him]" (163). John doesn't know if he really wants to live and end up like the grown-ups he knows so he continues to smoke
India Opal Buloni from
Because of Winn-Dixie
and Mr. Pignati would be friends because they both have an animal they really cared for.
Opal finds her dog, Winn-Dixie, in the grocery store Winn-Dixie when he suddenly comes in and starts to make a mess of everything. Opal decides to bring Winn-Dixie to the trailer she lived in with her father, the preacher. She feeds him and cleans him and gives him a home. One day there is a thunderstorm and Winn-Dixie gets lost. Opal runs out into the storm but she can't find him anywhere. She was devastated and "[she] was glad it was raining so hard, because it made it easy to cry" (161). Opal loved Winn-Dixie so much and she wasn't ready to lose him.
Mr. Pignati loved going to the zoo. He loved a baboon by the name of Bobo even more. After his wife, Conchetta, died he came to visit Bobo everyday. One day he had a heart attack and was kept in the hospital. What Mr. Pignati didn't know was that while he was in the hospital, Bobo had died from pneumonia. When Mr. Pignati came to visit Bobo and didn't see him, he "... let out a tiny cry almost like a puppy that had been stepped on by mistake" (158). This had put him in so much greif that once again, Mr. Pignati had passed out but this time, for good.
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