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1984 by George Orwell

No description

menna hussein

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of 1984 by George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell
The face of Big Brother is everywhere like in the posters .
Telescreen are installed in every public and private room in Oceania even the bathroom ,it cant be turned off.
Oceania is heavily policed and monitored by these two ways ,Telescreen and thought police.
Winston starts writing a diary in the alcove,knowing he is going to die painfully.
Loving the party is obligatory .
Their is no privacy .
The party own everything.
In Winston's thought freedom back then was allowed .
The brunette Winston is working with ,Julia startes staring at him and he starts to be suspicious.
Winston thinks that she is a member of the thought police.
Winston remembers sex with Katharine, which for her was a duty to the party.
In Winston's diary ,proles are the only hope and they need to become conscious of their own strength .
The party didn't bother to brain wash the proles as they weren't smart enough to get what's going on.
Main Themes
Psychological manipulation
Control of information an history
Language as mind control
Sex, love, and loyalty
Reality control
Author's Main Purpose
It shows how much power the government has, it clarifies how modern government was capable not only of influencing people's actions ,but of controlling their thoughts , making any sort of resistance impossible by definition .
Winston buys a paper weight from the proles district.
Winston enters the room with no telescreen that Mr.Charrington leads him to .
The telescreen was hidden.
He meets Julia again.
"Key quotes"
Quote 1:
''Big Brother is watching you''
Part 1,Ch1, Page 6
It shows how people are being monitored by the government.

''War Is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength ''

Part 1,Ch1, Page
They are examples of doublethink.
Quote 3:
''We shall meet in place where there is no darkness''
Part 1, Ch2, Page 27
Its ironic because it the torture room"101". the lights are always on and bright with no windows

Quote 4:
''If there is hope,it lies in the proles
Part1, Ch7, Page 72
If there is hope to overthrow the party then it is in the proles .
Quote 5:
'' Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they can't become conscious''
Part1, Ch 7, Page 74
People will never rebel when they are alive, and when they start to rebel they will be dead.
• Psychological manipulation
1. The giant’s telescreens in every citizen room.
2. The junior spies and organization that take children from their parents brainwash and encourage them to spy on their parents and deliver any instant disloyalty to the party.
3. Brainwash so they believe in the controlling party and hate the party’s enemy.
4. Control Thoughts and minds.
Example: Posters everywhere, Telescreens, Thought police “Made Winston believe”

1. Party controls the past by destroying every paper relating to it.
2. Memories are gone; citizens become perfectly willing to believe whatever the party tells them.
3. The party controls every source off information managing and re-writing the content of all newspapers and histories for its own ends.
4. Party does not allow citizens to keep records of their past.
5. By controlling the present the party is able to manipulate the past.
Example: Winston was writing hi diary in the darkness.

• Control of information an history
• Language as mind control
1. The party is limiting the ideas that individuals are capable of formulation and expressing.
2. If the control of language was centralized in a political agency, Orwell proposes in such agency could alter the structure of a language to even conceive of disobedient or rebels thought.
3. The only one who can share their opinion is the ruling party and nobody can question the party absolute power.
Example: Winston finally believed in Big Brother and the party. “2+2=5”

• Sex, love, and loyalty
1. The party restricted sexual behavior because they believed that the sexual desire is the force that would tear the party to pieces because it competes with loyalty to the state.
Example: Winston and Julia had sex in the darkness without the knowledge of anyone.

• Reality control
1. Winston and other employees in records department are giving the task of re-writing new articles and other literature to bring the written records into compliance with a version supported by the party and this job never dies to support The Party’s policies.
2. Telescreens and Big Brother posters everywhere.
3. The party has several ways to control the minds of people by destroying historical evidence that contradicts with the party.
4. Other books that does not go with the party’s policies are destroyed or translated in news speak, designed by the party to lack words that are dangerous and thereby parents revolutionary thoughts.
Example: The party controls every citizen in Oceania “Poster, Telescreens, re-writing books … etc”

The MB was exactly ruling like The Party “The novel 1984”. They were brainwashing everyone that they could. They tried to manipulate the more they can. They controlled the media, and newspapers. They destroyed everything that contradicts them, they jailed everyone who tried to speak or say anything against them. The MB was most like a dictator who came and rule Egypt. The MB used religion to convince people that they are right and that if you don’t do whatever they want they will go to hell like The Party used Big Brother that is watching you all the time. And the one who follows them will go to heaven. They both used manipulation, power, and destruction.
The Muslim Brotherhood and Big Brother and The Party
Done by:
Farida El Karabigy
Maryam Ayman
Farah El Gindi
Menna Hussein
Zakareya Wagdy
Omar Gaafar
Seif Abou Aram
Sobhy Adel
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