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The Idea Machine

A walk-through of how the Mutual Catalysis machine brings ideas to life.

Mutual Catalysis

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of The Idea Machine

Before We Begin Idea
Half Complete Project Invest
$1000 - 35%
$2000 - 50%
$4000 - 51% Intern(s) Output Process You are given a choice of several interns that we match to your project based on skill set, interest, resources and availability
Milestones are set and a Joint Venture is signed between the MC, You and the Intern(s)
The intern with your guidance (optional) and ours starts to develop the business
The project runs like a standard pre-revenue start-up with a twist: MC provides a variety of support and consulting services (i.e. legal), as well as providing the invaluable element of urgency and goal that most start-up CEOs only experience once they receive seed funding A brand-spanking-new company forged in the fires of hell and bearing your idea to the real world at breakneck speed

A dedicated, energetic team that owns a 30% equity stake vested over time and milestones

An instant payoff both to you and to Mutual Catalysis

Most importantly: A large, low risk, equity stake in a business that is built around your brainchild. Ideas to Businesses | Interns to Executives Mutual Catalysis Matched with intern(s)
Strategic planning completed
Milestones set
Joint Venture established
Standard pre-revenue start-up operation with a twist
MC provides framework and support
You advise
Team solidified
Business plan competitions/grants won or Revenue target achieved or Investor funding obtained
Let’s say you had a great idea for a business and wanted to see it happen
unlimited resources but no time... Finding the perfect model Forgetting the perfect model Risk $$$
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