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Team Building worksheet

No description

Nick Giles

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Team Building worksheet

Planning Without planning your group will easily crash and burn
Planning makes everything easier, and more fun
Best way to make sure everything goes smoothly
Makes Team Building more tolerable Application of planning Helps groups plan for activities and adventures
Gives the activity/adventure a higher chance for going well
Allows for everybody to input ideas The Big 4 Leading
Communication Leading Always have a clearly defined leader
Only have one leader for a group
Without leadership your group will bash heads and inevitably fail Application of leading In Twitter There's a reason it's called leadership
Useful in both school and in an active environment The hashtag is a tool for leaders
Used by leaders to start and lead trends In Twitter Helps leaders plan on what they will tweet about
Helps followers tweet to improve a leaders plan Following By listening and doing as your told, you make less work for the whole group
Hardest part of leadership
By allowing one leader you make it easier so there isn't a conflict in planning Application of Following Following is useful in almost every situation
Applicable in both school and work environments
Makes the leader less irritable which makes them a better leader In Twitter The hashtag allows people to follow and add to conversations
The # allows followers to decide what to talk about Communication Communication is used to get points and ideas across
Communicating is the easiest part of team building, but also the hardest to control
Without Communication your group will fail Application of Communication Used in every situation that involves talking
Important for both school and workplace environments
Great Communication= Happy team In Twitter Social Media is based off communicating with one another
The Hashtag is a way to communicate ideas
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