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Transcript of PRESENT SIMPLE

Gives us extra information about something. We don't need this information to understand the sentence.
Tells which noun we are talking about.
Responsibilities chart
11º A
Daniela Rodriguez : Examples and worksheet
Juliana Palacios : Concept map
Paola Guaqueta : Make presentation and definitions
We can use relative clauses to join two sentences, or to give more information about something.
A relative adverb can be used instead of a relative pronoun plus preposition. This often makes the sentence easier to understand.
To relative clauses goes immediately after the noun it relates to.
Relative clauses is a subordinate clause that provide extra information about nouns they modify.
"The man
was in the office" contains the noun man, which is modified by the relative clause who was in the office.
we use to introduce relative clauses, which tell us more about people, animals or things.
Refers to place
Refers to a time

People who work hard have got a successful life
[Principal (relative clause) clause]

In many of the cases, the relative pronoun works as the subject of the relative clause. In these cases we CAN’T omit the relative pronoun.
She is the girl who went to the cinema

In other cases, the pronoun works as the object of the relative clause, then we CAN omit the relative pronoun.
She is the girl who you want to meet
Is not that the woman who lives across the road from you?
The police said the accident that happened last night was unavoidable
The newspaper reported that the tiger which killed its keeper has been put down.
Camila have you seen those people who we met on holiday?
Alexandra, you shouldn’t believe everything that you read in the newspaper.
The house that we rented in London was fully furnished.
The food was definitely the thing which my sister enjoyed most about our holiday.
Who was the woman who you were talking to?
That’s the house that my parents live in.
Who was that woman whom you were talking about.
I haven’t read the book about which you were talking.
She’s the woman whose name I always forget.
I met a man whose brother works in Polar.
My uncle, who was born in Bucaramanga, lived most of his life overseas.
I have just read Orwell’s 1984, which is one of the most frightening books ever written.

Paola favorite actor is Leonardo Di Caprio, who she saw in “Titanic”.
Andres and I, saw the latest Harry Potter film, which we really enjoyed.
Juliana decided to telephone Mrs. Gonzalo, whom he had read about in the newspaper.
Tania has five brothers two of whom are in the army.
I read three books last week, one of which I really enjoyed.
There were some good programs on the radio, none of which I listened to.
He is the guy who lives there.
My cat, which is fat, is sleeping.
Do you know the guy whose mother is sick?.
He was hired by the professor whom I met yesterday.
I don’t like your friend that was with you today.
The girls who work at that shop are really friendly.
Does the bus that goes to the airport stop here?
I have a friend who works at the airport.
Did you see the gift that I bought for your mother?

There are red wines that you should drink cold.
My Sister who lives in Miami is a doctor.
These companies, which do business in Spain, are having financial problems.
The people who were at the other table are friends of mine.
Juan works for a company that’s (that is) going out of business.
He watches some shows that are really good.
This camera has a system that takes two pictures at a time.
A friend of Pablo’s who’s (who is) a journalist lives in New York.
We have some friends who are getting married next March.
She’s a girl who works with me.
Did you throw away the newspaper that was on the table.
Philadelphia, which was the first capital of the United States, is the biggest city in Pennsylvania.
Most people who like chicken also like turkey.

My mom,
lives in Madrid
, is 65 years old.
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