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ToK prezi

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Max Schoklitsch

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of ToK prezi

Ways of Knowing
What are PEDs?
>Performance enhancing drugs are drugs used by athletes or sometimes soldiers to enhance performance

>Most of them are illegal in sports
Knowledge Issue
How do we know if it is right to use PEDs?
Reason vs. Emotion
Using reason:
For example...
Does doping in the paralympics seem more acceptable?
>doping amongst paralympic contestants has been increasing
>does sympathy (hence, emotion) make society believe it is ok?
By Max Schoklitsch
Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)
Performance enhancing drugs
Anabolic steroids, diuretics, narcotic analgesics, beta
blockers and blood doping
It is right or wrong to use PEDs because... players vs. society perspective
Do emotions affect judgement on whether it is right or wrong?

This can lead to a for vs. against argument
>One might be able to justify as to why somebody believes that using PEDs is right (players perspective)
Using emotion:
>One might be more forgiving or more harsh in deciding whether using PEDs is right
The End.






Goldman dilemma
Haugen (2004)
Haugen, K. K. ‘‘The Performance-Enhancing Drug Game.’’ Journal of Sports Economics, 5, 2004, 67–86.

Alaranta et al., (2006)
For PEDs
Players' perspective
>Want to perform better
>Want to move forward in their careers faster (age gap)
>Win at all costs (Goldman dilemma)
Society's perspective
>Entertainment (research shows: home runs = attendance
>Money (betting and ticket sales)
Against PEDs
Players' perspective
>Health (some PEDs increase cancer risks)
>In a study 96.9% elite athletes believed it is possible to succeed internationally without doping
Society's perspective
>Legal issues
>Against the "spirit of sport"
Is it ethically right to use PEDs?
In contrast...
Does this make it less acceptable for doping in, for example, rugby?
I think...
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