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Personal Branding by Jill Geers

No description

Karina Zurita

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Personal Branding by Jill Geers

Basics Career
Tools Personal Branding Jill Geers, Instructor Name a Brand
Personal Branding
Four components of Personal Branding LinkedIn Personal Brand
Statement "As a passionate leader, I will continue to direct student's career paths by encouraging educational goals that meet in-demand occupations, closing the "skills gap" while exposing them to trends in the job market, occupational research, and career preparedness."

Robert Morris University, Chicago, IL.
Masters of Management - Higher Education Administration 2013
Lewis University, Romeoville, IL
Bachelor of Arts - Communication Studies/Business Administration 1999

RMU - Adjunct Instructor (2011- Present)
Career Advisor (2007-2011)
Elite Staffing & Search Firm, Naperville, IL Career Distinction
Strengthfinder 2.0 BOOKS Your unique promise of value: What differentiates you from others like you. Becoming credible and visible in your career beyond doing a "good job", it's how you make a difference/impact to those your serve and with who you work.

Goal: To profit from what distinguishes you from others with similar skills and abilities.

Truth: You already have one! 1. Stand Out: Stand for Something

"Insist on yourself; never imitate... Every great
(wo)man is unique"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson What's important to me personally and professionally... YourStrengths
Assess (www.tonyrobbins.com)
Verify (Reach 360 Assessment)
Advertise (Creating and Promoting your Brand) Top 5 Values How do others see you? Personal Brand
Profile Online
Presence Stand Out: Stand for Something
Be Your Own Boss
Forget the Ladder: It's a Ramp
Think Like a Brand The Four Principles of
Career Distinction $15/Amazon.com Be Your Own Boss It's a Ramp! Forget the ladder: Think Like a Brand One Sentence
Clear & Concise
Recite by memory Resume
Cover Letter
Business Card
Social Media
References TOOLS Expand to Include Vision Quotes Attributes Purpose
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