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Mobile Reporting for Logistics

No description

Michael Frost

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Reporting for Logistics

Mobile logistics works! Mobile Reporting for Logistics 87% of the world population now has access to a mobile network Our Approach to mHealth Tanzania
The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT There are 5.97 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, with 4.45 billion in the developing world Between 2002 and 2012, cell phone ownership in Africa grew from 49 million to 735 million The Problem:
*Stockouts of essential medicines
*Infrequent adherence to reporting groups
*Difficulties of ordering and reporting
*Absence of facility level data for decision makers DATA VISIBILITY Pilot began in 2010
1600+ users
Scaling nationally Malawi
Supply Chains for Community Case Management 97% increase in reporting rates & adherence to reporting groups
93% improvement in inventory management
45% increase in product availability
Growing use of data for supply chain management
Increased accountability, transparency and responsibility 2011 Evaluation 2010 Baseline Assessment : Monitoring Results Full evaluation to be conducted in Jan 2013 Pilot began in 2011
1000+ users http://cstock.jsi.com/malawi/r/stock-status/? Ghana
Focus Regions Health Project
The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT 2011 Pilot: 85 facilities, 6 districts, 3 regions

Reporting on 44 products, including AL 1x6, 4x6, AS/AQ 25/67.5 FDC, AS/AQ 50/135 FDC, RDTs, SP

Partners: Family Health Department, NMCP, NACP, PPME, SSDM, Regional and District Health Administrations 230+ facilities
All 10 regions *Increases visibility
*Supports existing systems
*Leverages existing skills/tech
*Enables data driven decision making Why mobile?
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