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Zakir Hossain

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of BLOCKBUSTER

Saiham Siraj
Y A movie or product that is a great commercial success. ABOUT BLOCKBUSTER: Blockbuster Inc. is a leading global provider of in-home movies and games entertainment. provides Blockbuster Video stores and Online rental services.
worldwide brand
operating in more than 20 countries majority in USA
Its stores are ubiquitous
more than 8,000 stores "The Movie Store at Your Door" PRODUCTS: Retailing and renting of DVD
Video games. Easily available
Unlimited selection
Wide variety of movies from different genre
Small stores cannot compete CHANGES: 2004: launched online rental service
Gain market share
No late fees
Video rental stores
Important change was hiring a new CEO, James W. Keyes. CEO: James W. Keyes(since july 2007)
former CEO of 7-Eleven(2000-2005)
Vise presedent and cheif operating officer of 7-Eleven DOWN FALL: unable to determine profitable goods
missed sales opportunities
financial difficulties
Lost customer to Netflix REVIVAL: Quantitative approach JAMES W. KEYES
QUANTITATIVE APPROACH: 1) computer models to figure out the best way by saving both money and time.
2) Inventory model
3) Queuing theory
4) Capital budgeting
5) Production scheduling
6) Planning for manpower development programs.
7) Transportation and aircraft scheduling
8) Preventive control and replacement problems
9) Competitive problems BLOCKBUSTER VS NETFLIX: Monthly pricing: Netflix: $7.99 (one DVD)
$9.99 (one DVD or Blu-ray)
$43.99 for eight DVDs
($52.99 for Blu-ray). Blockbuster: $9.99 (one DVD, Blu-ray, or video game disc )$14.99 (two discs) Number and type of titles available: Netflix: More than 100,000 movies
TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray Blockbuster: More than 100,000 movies and TV shows
DVD and Blu-ray
3,000 video games Key differencies: Blockbuster: Netflix: Unlimited online streaming mailed disc
titles available 28 days before Netflix Limitations: Netflix: no stores
no games available Blockbuster: in store exchange DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Mr. Keyes obviously is a big fan of the quantitative approach. How might principles of scientific management be useful to blockbuster? QUESTION 1: Divide the work
Total Quality Management
Scientifical tools
Treat economically good
Check the workers QUESTION 2: How might knowledge of organizational behavior help the company’s frontline store supervisors manage their employee? Would Mr. Keyes and other top managers need to understand OB? Why or why not? QUESTION 3: Describe Blockbuster as a system? QUESTION 4: What values does this company embrace that might be important for successful organizations in the 21st century? Values that blockbuster embrace:
Tactics to capture customer flow:
3)Blu-Ray movies
4)Drag & Drop Tactics to enhance functioning of employees: 1)incentives
3)training & development
4)employees are imp.
5)committed to diversity Tactics to enhance business: 1)franchising
4)quickly adress any issue QUESTION 5: What do you think about Mr. Keyes’s quote?“I think an internet company, even if it is selling a service, is still another form of retail. It comes down to the ability to understand the needs of customers and satisfy those needs in a way that is better and different from the competitors.”Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain. Yes i agree! Competition and war
customer's satisfaction
New tecnology
Ease THANK YOU Organizational behavior is the field of study that researches the actions or behavior of people at work. lead to a harmonious work environment with a positive attitude!! Improving and maintaining the workforce Building morale, focus, competitiveness and workplace satisfaction motivating,
building trust,
team work,
managing conflict Yes!!!
Mr. Keyes and other managers need to understand OB for the betterrment of their company. Using appropriate OB will keep the workforce highly efficient and the workers can reach their true potential by working effectively in a competitive environment. Every manager should possess comprehensive knowledge on OB so that they can implement it in their organization and thus create such an environment. In the wake of the online market, the store business has become much more harsher to compete in. Moreover, under the ascension of Netflix, TiVo etc, Blockbuster has also ventured into the online business to retain its market share. To ensure successful operation in both sectors they need in depth knowledge about their customers' tastes and preferences, with respect to age, gender, ethnicity and community. This will help them to serve the customer better and earn their loyalty. The Concluding Words
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