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What is Art?

No description

Eileen Wu

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of What is Art?

What is Art? Tate Modern Centre Pompidou Sleep
-Andy Warhol David
-Michelangelo The Last Supper
-Leonardo Da Vinci Light Music
-Lis Rhodes Art and Philosophy: A History 400BC 1800s Immanuel Kant Friedrich Nietzsche 1900s 1980s 1700s Mimetic art forms defined by three things
What they represent
The medium
How the medium is used
Catharsis purifies or fortifies us in tragic situations
Good poetry creates appropriate emotional responses Plato Aristotle Forms: perfect, transcendent, eternal
Greek art was mimetic
Art is a shadow of a shadow
Artists don't understand Forms
They exploit our senses
Unbalanced souls
Irrational emotional responses Beauty is a priori
Sublime is overwhelming
Only geniuses can make fine art
Fine art is something beautiful or sublime that conveys emotion
Expressive theory: art conveys an emotion Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red, Piet Mondrian Apollonian vs. Dionysian
Apollonian: ration, structured
Dionysian: passionate, creative
Claimed that good art must be moral
Hated Wagner's masterpiece, Parsifal, because it was too decadent, too Christian, anti-Semitic, German nationalist and immoral
Claimed Parsifal was beautiful, but immoral Witches Sabbath, Francisco Goya The Invention of the Camera The camera was first invented in 1839
Before the camera, artists were needed to document history
Impressionism: strokes of colour used instead of lines and contours, painted outside
Early impressionist, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, lived in poverty The Start of Modern Art Clive Bell Formalism: what makes an artifact art is significant form
Significant form: lines, colours and shape used to evoke an aesthetic sense in us
Something that has significant form in one era has significant form in another era too
aesthetic sense must not be clouded by emotional sense The Brillo Box, Andy Warhol George Dickie Institutional theory of art: something is art if it is accepted by the art world
Anything can be considered art as long as people like it
The art world consists of: buyers, curators, critics, collectors, artists, consumers Are indie musicians artists then? Was Van Gogh not an artists until he was popular? Isn't artistic integrity lost in the pursuit of wealth? Is a starving artist not an artist after all? Conceptual Art Conceptual art: the idea or meaning behind it is more important than any aesthetic value
Beauty is irrelevant
The artist may or may not actually create or install it The End of Art "The greatest work of art ever"
-Karlheinz Stockhausen Robert Mapplethorppe was criticized because his portraits were too beautiful
Steven Vittiello's sound recording of Hurricane Floyd was a huge hit at the Whitney Biennial
He is an artist because he embedded meaning into the noise he did not create Arthur Danto Art is anything that embodies a meaning
Anything can be art, anyone can be an artist Ancient Greece Neoclassical&Romantic The Catcher in the Rye, J.D Salinger To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee The Golden Age of Opera Fauvism&Cubism Pop Art Fashion Film La Coquille et le Clergyman, Germaine Dulac The Bar Suit, Christian Dior Dance Fred and Adele Astaire Music Alejandro, Lady Gaga Architecture The Empire State Building Photography Guerrillero Heroico, Alberto Korda From impressionism, sprung modern art
There came cubism, abstract art, fauvism and many more
Expression theory and imitation theory don't work for these "Life imitates art"
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