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Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers

No description


on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers

BY WALTER DEAN MYERS The setting for this book is all over Iraq in 2003 and 2004. The book takes place right after the bombing of 9/11 when our former president sent troops to try to neutralize the Iraqi terrorist and Taliban. The main character for this book is sent to Iraq to try to secure and stabilize the country and successfully interact with the local people. The protagonist for my book is a man named Robin. Five character traits of Robin would probably start with afraid. He is always afraid when they go out patrolling or whatever. Now it is a war zone so he has a reason to be afraid. He is also worried. Worried about himself, and his squad. He is a caring nice person. Unlike Marla, he actually seems to care what happens and is nice to people. He is angry at everything about this war. The conflict for this book is mostly the U.S army vs. the Iraq army/hostile Iraqi people. More specifically in the book, it's Robin vs. hostile Iraqi people. Since we evaded Iraq, we were trying to stabilize things there and not everyone there wanted that.People shot at us, even after we took down the dictator there that was ruling everything. In this book, I think that he main theme the author is trying to show is how you need courage and mental strength to get through things and accomplish anything. One example of imagery in this book would be when Robin and his squad are outside of Baghdad heading back to base and they are attacked. People jump out of an ambulance and shoot at them with guns and RPG's. The author wants us to picture the men jumping out of the ambulance with the weapons, hear the clatter of the guns being fired, taste the weird taste you get in the back of you're throat when you're scared, and smell the blood. The first example of figurative language is when Robin is talking about Jonesy saving the blind child that was kidnapped. He says, "As we line up for the memorial service, I think of the blind child, his arms outstretched as if he were feeling for answers in his eternal darkness." This is an example of imagery. The second example is when they are in battle and Robin describes the scene saying, "We ducked behind our Humvee as the bullets flew over our heads like pissed off birds." This is an example of a simile. Robin is in Iraq. He wanted to fight for his country after the 9/11 bombing, even though his father didn't want him too. He is part of the 3rd infantry. However, his objective is rebuilding Iraq after the fighting, not to actually do the fighting. However as the was progresses, he finds himself and his squad in more dangerous missions that could get him killed. He finally gets his most difficult mission yet, returning stolen children to a tribe in southern Iraq. On paper, it's an easy mission. In and out and they're done. But the tribes village is surrounded by fighting tribes and is considered a war zone. And to top it all off, the mission is completely twisted up on the inside, and surving will become very hard.
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