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Leech Therapy on Osteoarthritis

No description

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Leech Therapy on Osteoarthritis

Leech Therapy on Osteoarthritis
Maya Samuel
Reggie Randle
Felicia Smith
Background on Leeches
The medical term for leeches is Hirudo Medicinalis
The use of leeches has been linked to as far back as the dark ages
Leeches were widely used to treat various diseases
Leech therapy was so popular they almost became extinct.
Who Uses Leeches?
Where is it Accepted?
Asia, Africa, and Arabic Countries
Restored interest in complementary medicine especially in knee osteoarthritis
What is Osteoarthritis?
Pain, inflammation, tension, and limited movement within the joints of the body
Occurs when cartilage is lost in the joints
Can occur in any joint
Common areas include the hands and wrists, knees, back, and neck
Who is Prone to Developing it?
Obese individuals
People with joint injuries previously
Mostly people over the age of 45
Western Medicine Therapies Used for Osteoarthritis
Every joint in Western medicine could use a different approach including pharmaceutical drugs, exercise, and even surgery
Side effects
Liver damage
Stomach ulcers or bleeding
Heart problems
Foods with Common Enzymes
contain the enzyme papain
contain the enzyme bromelain
Raw nuts and seeds
contain lipase
Raw fruits and vegetables
contain amylase
may contain more than 100 more enzymes than fruits and vegetables
Why is leech therapy no longer considered a CAM therapy?
Leech therapy is no longer considered a CAM therapy because the studies done are contradictory.
Mostly classified under Ayuverdic medicine or traditional chinese medicine(TCM).
Used for wide range of ailments in Ayuverda.
Case Study
Before Leeching; amputated part of ear was reattached
Case Study
During Leeching; a leech is still attached. The lightening of the flesh shows venous decongestion.
Case Study
Fourth day of leeching; a blister has formed indicating epidermolysis

Epidermolysis- A condition in which the epidermis is loosely attached to the dermis and readily detaches or forms blisters
Case Study
Ninth day; necrosis occured
Case study
44 days after trauma; skin is epithelializing from weekly leech treatments
Case Study
3 months; The final product of leech therapy
What are Leeches?
Leeches are carnivorous annelid worms
The Medicinal leech,Hirudo Medicinalis, is native to certain freshwater ponds and streams in Europe but has been introduced to the eastern portion of the United States.
The medicinal leech can grow up to 10cm or more in length
They feed off of the blood of vertebrates
Background Continued
Leeching practices advanced and a method called Bloodletting, developed by Hippocrates, began
Russia reported using leeches for inflammation of cerebrum, liver and kidney disease, tuberculosis, epilepsy, and sexually transmitted diseases
Towards the end of the 19th century Leech Therapy lost its popularity to modern medicine

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Leech Therapy in Osteoarthritis
Maya Samuel
Felicia Smith
Reggie Randle
Disorders controlled with Leeches
Leeching is used for various conditions today, such as osteoarthritis, sciatica, skin grafting, blood clots, hematoma, venous congestion, skin diseases, alopecia, boils, and many more.
Leech Therapy at Work
A case study followed a 74 year old male's progression of an amputation of the left auricle using leech therapy. Patient was encouraged to see a plastic surgeon but instead used leech therapy.
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Does Leech Therapy Cure Osteoarthritis?
Studies show that leech therapy reduces the pain of osteoarthritis, but no study shows that it is an indefinite cure of osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition; the progression can be slowed down and the pain can be reduced
Why Leech Therapy Works
Leech therapy is successful because of the enzymes contained in their saliva
Hirudin- Most potent coagulation inhibitor protein
Various anti-inflammatory's
A leech has 3 sets of jaws that surround the mouth containing about 80 calcareous teeth that bite into a host's flesh. As the leech is sucking the salivary enzymes seep into the host that dilate blood vessels, decreases the blood viscosity and deaden the pain of the bite
How Effective is Leech Therapy?
Patients in a leech treatment group experienced reduced Osteoarthritis pain on the seventh day and gained increased function of arthritic joint.

Knee osteoarthritis pain in patients using leech therapy decreased by 2/3
Matthews, L. (2011). Spinal stenosis. Retrieved from spinalstenosis.org
Would you get Leech Therapy
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