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YoGreek Marketing Powerpoint 14822-4

Marketing Project

Kate Wong

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of YoGreek Marketing Powerpoint 14822-4

Positioning SWOTAnalysis Competitors Unique Selling Point Target Demographics Market Analysis Regular yogurt buyer prefer lowest price
Standard grocers most lucrative distribution channels
Growing concern for health value
Green labels improve consumer demand for product Target Audience Desire added health benefits; growing health conscious
Convenience is key; "eat-on-the-go" trend
Women concern about health content and calories
Men prefer parfait Men and Women on diet Competition Frozen Yogurt No health values
Distributed in retail yogurt stores
Diverse flavors with diverse toppings Regular Yogurt Companies Key Companies: General Mills, Dannon, Stonyfield Farm
Distributed to grocery chains, food service operations
Rely on artificials additives
Low prices (average around .75 cents) Other Greek Yogurt Company Key competitors: Fage, Chobani, GreekGods
Main selling points: 100% natural, high quality, live active cultures
Distributed in specialty and natural food stores
Positioned as added supplements to cereals and fruits, cooking ingredients YoGreek Unique Selling Point Convenient healthier and tastier meal with crunch
On-the-go-meal: No need to mix and match
Double the protein of regular yogurt
All natural; supporter of local farms
Lower calories than other Greek yogurt Price Distribution Promotion Conceptual Ads YoGreek Marketing Plan Slogan Watch your physique with YoGreek! Key Distribution Channels Supermarkets
Chain Coffee Shops: Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Java City
College Campuses
Near gyms and fitness centers (eg. Bally's, 24 Hour Fitness Product Placement Split placement - half in produce section, half in yogurt section
Advertisement / notification to direct customer to section Sales Promotion Coupons, free samples, live product demonstration
Promotions on college campuses; free distribution to students Product Placement Feature on TV shows (eg. The Biggest Loser)
Top of search engine results Advertisements All types of media that relates to health
Word-of-mouth marketing through video bloggers
Radios Pricing Strategy To consumer, price of the new product is an indicator of quality
Because of YoGreek's uniqueness and great positioning, we can charge higher
Suggested Price: $2.39
Bundle pricing Product Suggestion Use orange as primary color - separation from competitors What does it all mean? By incorporating these ideas in the plan, we believe that in the near future, YoGreek Greek yogurt will be able to match or exceed the market share of the majority of its competitors. BUAD 307 Presented by:
Chong, Kai
Hwang, Young
Mah, Vanessa
Sears, Cade
Wong, Kate
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