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PR06 November 2016 Opening lecture

No description

Fritz Kohle

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of PR06 November 2016 Opening lecture

Welcome to PR06 Media Production
Please turn off your mobile phone and laptop
Lecturers are available after this presentation to answer any questions you might have.
Why is this course important?
PR06 Media Production provides you with an overview and the basic skills needed to develop, produce and deliver a live multi-camera TV programme.

The TV industry is highly competitive and these skills will help you understand
your future career options in live-TV programming
Who is teaching this course?
Your lecturers on this course are industry professionals and NHTV lecturers:

April de Haas worked for many years in Production for MTV

Charlie Hicks joined us from NAU Flagstaff and is a production specialist

Fritz Kohle's track record includes 80 Days Around the World,
TV credits include the German soap Marienhof.
His documentary work screened internationally
and was produced by Arleen Cuevas.

Stephen Paine has worked in various areas of production,
specifically for television and corporate projects.

Oscar Bastiaens brings a wealth of Transmedia expertise to the team and Silke Regel is an experienced TV professional teaching at NHTV.
How is this course structured?
The course consists of TWO parts:

During the initial 4-week period ALL students are required to participate
in a variety of lectures and workshops, which form the core of the course.

Together with the required reading specified in the curriculum
this is needed to pass the mid-term exam.

During the following 3-week part of the course, students
apply skills and knowledge learned to produce the TV programme.
How will I be assessed on this course?
To pass this course students need to pass the following criteria:

1. The Mid-term Exam (20%)
2. Delivery of the live TV programme (40%)
3. Delivery of the Production Documentation (15%)
4. pass the Peer to Peer review (15%)
5. delivery of a promotion campaign (10%)

You need to pass each of these categories with a minimum
of a 5.5 to receive a passing grade.
Where can I find more information?
The course description and syllabus giving you a weekly overview of the course are available on N@tschool.
Corresponding lesson plans will be available online before Block D begins.

Social Media pages for NL, UK & US
can be found on N@tschool.

What if I have more questions?
Lecturers are always available via Email, many of us also use Facebook. You can always make an appointment with us as well.

School policy is to conduct all email communication via the NHTV email account. So please ensure that you contact us only via your NHTV student email account.
Leadership & Teamwork:
What do we expect from you?
When you read through the curriculum you will notice that students will need to appoint certain leadership positions during the 1st week of the course.
By week 3 ALL students must have found a role, i.e. presenter, field producer, camera, etc.

Students will appoint Section Leaders or Producers for each show in NL, US & UK.
More details are available online in Block C.
If you are interested any of these leadership positions then it is a good idea to start thinking about this now. Do you have what it takes to lead and guide a team? Discuss it in your class and talk to us if you have more questions. Successfully appointing producers and section leaders is a course requirement
and forms part of your grade.

PR06 Media Production is a very exciting and intense course, so the more your prepare, the sooner you think about where you see yourself in this course, the better.
Thank you
If you have more questions please come and see us right after this presentation
A word about our social media policy
The Facebook pages are specific to all students in each location
(NL, UK & US). Some information may not be relevant to all of you, so please join the group that is relevant for you.
If you do not wish to be part of the Facebook information channel then please do not join the FB page.

You will not miss out on official information if you do so.
All official information is always channeled via N@tschool and occasionally through NHTV email. Facebook is merely an additional tool.

If you participate in this groups' social media strategies,
you are expected to respect the privacy of others and communicate with
your peers in a polite and considerate fashion.
Lecturers reserve the right to exclude students who post offensive content.

Coming Up:
Introduction NL by Stephen Paine
Introduction US by Charlie Hicks
Introduction UK by Fritz KOhle
Administration matters by Lieke Mensink
Overview curriculum, F. Kohle
Introduction NL course component, S. Paine
Introduction US course component, C. Hicks
Introduction UK course component, F. Kohle
Administration matters, L. Mensink

Note on N@tschool documentation:
Lecturers spend a great deal of time to check and double check all course documentation. In case of errors the course description supersedes any errors.
Welcome to Bournemouth
Dr. Ashleigh Woodfall and Stephanie Farmer

Find the PR6 Facebook group here:
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