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Melody Thomas

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Liberia

Religion Cont.
Young people intonation ceremonies
Not for just one religion
Young people learn roles
Traditional dances
Practice rituals
Males: Poro
Females: Sande
Adopted in 1874
11 stripes 6red 5 white
"All Hail! Liberia Hail!" Daniel Bashiel Warner
Flag Symbolism
The Liberian flag represents the Liberian Declaration of Independence . The red and white symbolize courage morals and excellence. The stars freedom, and the blue on the flag represents Africa’s mainland. The reason they decided to make their flag as is is because they were former slaves that had received their freedom and they saw how America had beaten their oppressors, and hoped they could do the same throughout time.
The main: Christianity by far.
12.2% are Muslim.
Why so many Christians?
missionaries from US
churches & religious schools
outlawed work Sunday's
Largest Branches: Baptist & Sunni
Most adapt animism (Christian or Muslim)

Language Cont.
Language cont.
16 Indigenous languages
belong to 1 of 3 maj. language groups:
The Kpelle, Gio, Gbandi, Mano, Vai, Lorma, Mande, and Mandingo belong to the Mande language family, and they're primarily found in the North.
The Bassa, Grebo, Kru, Krahn, Dei, adn Belleh make up the Kwa language group, and are primarily found in the southeast.
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The official language: English
Government, business, & media
American-Liberians & Congo, 1st language
Indigenous, 2nd
rely speak other ethnic groups

The Kisi and Gola belong to the Mel language group which is in the center of the Country.
Liberian Dollar
bank notes and coins
Bills: 5's 10's, 20's, 50's, and 100's
Coins: 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00
Back of each bank note, there is a picture of something to represent Liberia.
Ex. L$5 front: 5th pres. Edward J. Roye Back: harvesting
L$10 front: 1st pres. Joespeh J. Roberts Back: CBL seal, plantation

CBL- Centeral Bank of Liberia.

Agriculture Products: Rubber, Coffee Cocoa Rice Cassava Palm oil Sugarcane Bananas Sheep Goats Timer
Industries: Rubber and Palm Oil processing, & diamonds
Export: Diamonds, Iron ore, Rubber,Timber,Coffee,Cocoa
Import: Fuels,Chemicals, Machinery,Transportation equipment, Manufactured goods, Rice

Republic of Liberia
William V.S. Tubman
Firestone Rubber Plantation
30 miles east (Monrovia)
3.43% arable
Staple: Rice
Fufu & Plantains common
Coast, seafood popular
Dishes vary by region or ethnicity
Grebo: butterpalm & meat or fish & rice
Bassa: pepper soup with fufu
Urban Libs: jollof
Extended Families
Auntie & Uncle in charge mom/dad not there
Kids work
Hubby, wife & Kid
Work outside of home
Parents not rich: get rich BF
Stable Government
President 6 year term
appoints cabinet (approve Senate)
26 seat Senate
64 House of Representatives
Justice System- Supreme Court
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Geography & Climate
Art & Music
Current Issues
Liberal: Gov. regulate economy
Con: free market
Vouchers & Charter Schools
Liberal: Pub school best way, vouchers take money, raise salary, smaller classes
Con: Vouchers comp. pushes for improvement
History Timeline
1820-First ACS ship arrives
1841-Joseph Jenkins Roberts 1st black governor
1862- U.S. officially recognizes as independent country
1863- Liberian College founded in Monrovia
1944- William V.S. Tubman 1st black pres.
1945- Indigenous women can vote
1971- William R. Tolbert president
1989- rebel group begin civil war
1990- rebel group kills Samuel Doe (president)
2005-Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf 1st women
Gestures/ Manners
Finger snap!
extend thumb & middle finger, snaps finger
Recive or give objects, right or both
left alone rude
men give up seat
pregnant or elderly
Hold hands only friends
Rural: Traditional huts
shingled roofs, rec. floors
want cement
cities, WW2 not as modern
traditional folk music
war dance
crafts-means of living
all over Liberia
masks during trad. dances
6 elementary, 3 junior 3 high
based on U.S
WWII expanded greatly
Civil war 1989 destroyed
suppose to be mandatory 6-16
1/2 currently attend
low rates of attendance, few read/write
national lit. rate: 25% (young people)
3 major regions
low lands
60% rain forests
very valuable
shelter life
valuable plants
In hottest zone
90 degrees average
Global Contributions
Soccer (football)
World Cup & Summer Olympics
signed professional contracts (Europe leagues)
National Basketball team
Board games
Golf before civil war
Decoration Day
March (2nd Wednesday)
remember dead
paint & pray over graves
dance on graves
some leave meals
Holidays Cont.
William V.S. Tubman Birthday
celebrated all over
Maryland (birthplace)
said to have been best pres.
lappas, coats and paint faces
dancing in streets
Lappa- wrap around skirt
19th century U.S. faced problem
Africa escape discrimination
1822 land ACS (African Colonization Society)
1824 Liberia "freedom"
continuously sent till outlawed Pres. Lincoln.
Urban: western (jeans n t-shirts)
Rural: traditional wear
men: shorts w/round neck shirts
women: lappa & bubba w/ head wrap
Created from oppression
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
rubber tree
80% graduate no computer
90% no computer skills
2 TV stations
10 Radio stations
Education Cont.
"free" but items can't afford
IF go usually boy
Primary School: core
Secondary School: French Bio. ex.
"Buying grades" common
Ingredients:water,milk,active dry yeast, sugar,cooking oil, an egg, salt all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon

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