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Logan Gregg

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Prezume

Searching for the right employee?
November 2008-May 2009
June 2009-February 2011
December 2010-October 2011
May 2011 - February 2013
February 2013-Present
After studying at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and questioning what I could offer to any company that hired me; I realized that I have always found the most fulfillment coordinating some type of event. In the process I have learned many lessons, suffered poor results, and achieved great successes but I am always rewarded with the opportunity of seeing something develop from an idea in to reality. Going on a decade of experience I am still no expert, but I am very eager to learn about any subject.
Partake in a small adventure, which if completed
will result in the discovery of an employee that is service-oriented, resourceful, and committed.
You are
"that is nice,
but where
is the
Winn Dixie
Job Description: Worked as a cashier's assistant by bagging groceries and assisting customers in unloading the groceries into their vehicles. I also spent time working in the produce department stocking.
Crowley, LA
What I learned: This was my first official job, and it really helped me understand the importance of teamwork on the job regardless of the profession.
Chili's Bar and Grill
Crowley, LA & Lafayette, LA
Job Description: Dishwasher (June 2009-August 2009)
Servers Assistant (September 2009-October 2009)
Server (November 2010 - February 2011)
What I learned: After working my way up from dishwasher to server I had the opportunity to provide service for many different personalities, helping me become more patient with everything I do.
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Enrollment Services
Lafayette, LA
Job Description: Welcome high school students and their families to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The intention is to coerce the student into making UL their primary school of choice.
What I learned: I gained more appreciation for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Gave me the opportunity to coordinate events and tours.
Bonefish Grill
Lafayette, LA
Social Southern
Table and Bar
Lafayette, LA
Job Description: Server & Food Expeditor.
What I learned: Social is a new restaurant, and I had the opportunity to help open the restaurant and assure customers both enjoy the experience, but also decide to share their experience with others.
Job Description: Serving customers and assuring satisfaction, while being well versed on the constantly updated menu.
What I learned: How to "upsale" more frequently, which has helped me become a better salesperson.
All you
did was
It began at Crowley High School:
Student Council President (2009&2010)
Louisiana Association of Student Councils
District President (2008, 2009)
Summer Workshop Counselor (2008)
What I learned: During my stint as both student council president and district president of student councils across Louisiana I learned how to coordinate different events across the state. I also learned how to create a newsletter while also keeping it updated monthly.
there is more...
Also while attending Crowley High School:
Louisiana Youth Seminar
Most Outstanding Group Member (2009)
Staff Member/Counselor (2010-Present)
6 years of service
What I learned: Every summer I work with 17 other college students from across the nation on the Louisiana State University campus to educate more than 300 students about subjects ranging from Roberts Rules of Order to speech writing and presenting.
Interfaith Religious Exchange Club
Founder (2009)
Purpose: In Louisiana, the primary religion that people claim is Catholicism. I presented an opportunity for students of different faiths to interact and share scripture from each religion. Ultimately the students gained more respect for their peers and the religion that they had not known before.
Relay For Life
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Co-Chair of Event (2010)
Chair of Event (2011-2013)
Responsibilities: Raise awareness in the college community about cancer, and the steps being made to ultimately get rid of the disease. I do this by holding fundraisers throughout the year building up to the main event which we attempt to reach a goal. In 2012, we donated $16,800, as of now in 2013 we have donated $15,900.
Aside from that though...
Dayton High School
August 2006-February 2007
Crowley High School
February 2007-May 2010
Graduated A Honor Roll
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette
August 2010-Present
Major: Public Relations
Minor: Spanish
interested yet?
Logan Gregg
(337) 772-7775
Thank YOU For Your Consideration
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