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Alex Zapata

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of TAOS, NEW MEXICO

Fort Burgwin
Named after Captin John Burgwin, Fort Burgwin was made on August 16 in 1852. It was made to protect the main wagon road from Santa Fe to Taos and be a headquarters for military operations. Acoupl of years after the civil war, it was built from a vision.
Spanish Colonial Taos and The Hispanic Heritage of Taos
Bandelier was named after a man who redicovered the park. His name was Adolph Bandelier. A huge volcano erupted and it was so big that is collapsed. They make up most of the structures at Taos. The pueblo people living there would take sticks and enlarge the whole in the tuff. It woulf then harden and cool down and then they would be able to climb into it with ladders and live in
The Geographic Regions of New Mexico
Architecture and Churched of Taos
Georgia O’Keefe
My Fun Info
Basin and Range Region
It has mountain ranges that are all over the place and they are connected by desert.

The Great Plains
It has high plateaus that are connected by deep canyons. It is used for sheep and cattle ranches.

Colorado Plateaus
In the northwest of New Mexico is filled with wide valleys, deep canyons, sharp cliffs, and flat-topped hills.

Rocky Mountains
The central part of New Mexico are the Rocky Mountains and it extends into New Mexico from Colorado.

The church was made out of adobe. When it rains, the peublo people have to re-mud it eat time. The adobe is a mix of straw, water, and mud.
San Francisco de Assisi Church
Hacienda de los Martinez
The Hacienda was where Severino Martinez built his fortress and was used for the Camino Real. Pueblo people lived in it throughout the years, and when we visited it, we saw how the peublo people lived and hoe hard it was for them.
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