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Book Reviews

No description

Claudia Crandall

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Book Reviews

Writing a Book Review
Start with an interesting lead.

Put the name of the book and the author in the first paragraph.
Get the reader's attention
Fiction - What happens in the story? (don't tell everything, just a few events)

Nonfiction - What is the subject of the book?
What is the book about?
Fiction - Was it exciting? Is there a lot of action or suspense? Is the main character interesting? Can you make a connection? Is there a surprise ending? (don't tell!)

Nonfiction - Is there interesting information? Are there good diagrams or colorful illustrations?
What do you like
about the book?
Fiction - What message about life is the author sharing?

Nonfiction: Why do you think the author wrote this book? What information is the author sharing?
What is the book's
theme or message?



Book Review Examples
Did you like the book? Did you love the book? Can you recommend the book to other students? Who else might enjoy this book?

You might write "I recommend this book to anyone who likes . . . ." or, you might write "If you like . . . you will like this book."
Give a Recommendation
Start with a question -
Do you love a good mystery?
Start with an interesting fact -
The word chopstick actually means quickly. And you'll want to pick up the book
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal quickly.
Start with the title and setting -
Will at the Battle of Gettysburg 1863
takes place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during the civil war.
Start with a line from the book -
"Yesterday I was a regular ten-year-old boy. Today I'm the star of four Washington, D.C., TV stations." (from
by Katy Kelly)
Start with something about the author
Andrew Clements taught in public schools near Chicago for seven years before writing more than fifty books for children.
What is an interesting lead?
Weirder School #11: Miss Klute is a Hoot! By Dan Gutman
Illustrated by Jim Paillot

When Mr. Macky, the school reading specialist, comes in to AJ and his friends’ class with a giant labradoodle reading therapy dog named Miss Klute, the kids aren’t sure about what to think of her. But, it turns out that reading to Miss Klute is actually pretty cool! Until she starts acting strangly. She seems… Depressed. What’s going on with Miss Klute?

This book is hilarious!!! I’ll never get tired of this series. It’s just too much fun! I love that the school gets a reading therapy dog, (a lot like the excellent Rhythm the therapy dog, from the ReadingWithRhythm blog), and how the kids actually like reading now, because of Miss Klute. Mr. Gutman has written another great book! And, as always, the illustrations by Mr. Paillot are humorous and fun – perfect for this wacky book!

Back to School, Weird Kids Rule! – A My Weird School Special By Dan Gutman
Illustrated by Jim Paillot

AJ is away on vacation, not to come back for another week, right before school starts. Well, would you know? AJ is back early! Apparently, there was a hurricane near where they were vacationing. And now AJ and his family are staying in Andrea’s house. For a week. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Andrea!

This is a great back-to-school book! I love that it is told from Andrea’s point of view (instead of the normal point of view, AJ). It was a very revealing perspective. Mr. Gutman knows how to write stories that gets kids reading! Like before, the illustrations are magnificent! I love the “Weird Extras” in the back of the book (games, trivia and facts).

I give both of these books 5 out of 5 bookworms!
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