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Samsung Case Study

Business Analysis on Samsung

Donny Shopova

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Samsung Case Study

Unlike other electronic companies Samsung origins were not involving electronics but other products.
From 1958 onwards Samsung began to expand into other industries such as financial, media, chemicals and ship building throughout the 1970's.
In the 1990's Samsung began to expand globally building factories in the US, Britain, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, Spain and China until 1997.
Then they developed smart phones and a phone combined mp3 player towards the end of the 20th century. To this date Samsung are dedicated to the 3G industry. Making video,camera phones at a speed to keep up with consumer demand. Background information Year Analysis
2008 Case Study powered by Group 5 Samsung Business Analysis Year analysis
2006-2007 Market shares Markets sales Year Analysis
2009 Employees Product market Best at... Year Analysis
2010 - 2011 Market share in 2010 37.5%
Market share in 2011 42.2% TV sales Market share in 2010 22.1%
Market share in 2011 26.8% IT Business Market share in 2010 7.1%
Market share in 2011 6.7% Mobile/Smartphone Market share in 2010 20.6%
Market share in 2011 21.2% Home Appliances Market share in 2010 12.3%
Market share in 2011 13.49% Memory Business Systhem LSI Business Market shares in 2010 70.3%
Market share in 2011 72.8% Balance Sheet Income Statement SWOT analysis and Strategies
Wide range of product portfolio
Significant market share
No. 2 in mobile market
High R&D and research
Pro green
Sponsorship Strength Weakness Doesn't make the first move
Doesn't own software
Not very likeable design
Durability of products Opportunities To offer unique products
Creating software
Increase market Threats Threats from Chinese
Price wars Value Added
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