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TV Pilot

No description

Zach Cattoi

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of TV Pilot

Walker, Texas Ranger TV Pilot 60 minute action series
Modern day Texas Ranger working out of Dallas, Texas
Deals with the criminals he pursues in an old west style
Uses more force than necessary when apprehending criminals
Uses fist fights and martial arts to make his arrests
Always stayed cool and calm but figured that these were bad people and they required rough treatment. Genre Action

Crime Drama Western Characters Cordell Walker James Trivette Alex Cahill C.D. Parker Chuck Norris Similar Shows NCIS 24 Sasha Alexander Mandy Patinkin Omar Gooding He is a father like figure
that is always willing to
listen and tries to keep
his team on track. He can be
the light-hearted guy and the
serious guy. -Criminal Minds
-Dead like Me
-Law and Order Advertisers Pepsi Many older people drink Pepsi
and have seen Walker, Texas Ranger
in the past. If Pepsi markets the
show, people will most likely
watch it. She has played a similar role
on TV before. She has played a
law enforcement officer so she
knows whats expected of the role. She will also bring fans of her previous show, NCIS, because she was a much beloved charcter. Microsoft Microsoft is an enormous
company that has influence
all over. Microsoft's
effectiveness in marketing
is shown through their sales. Premise Setting Dallas, TX
Earle Cabell Federal Building Sony Omar Gooding is a good compliment to Cordell Walker. He fits the profile of James Trivette, Young, Strong and Eager to learn. He will also draw fans of his other shows. -NCIS
-Law and Order
-CSI -Miami Medical
-Smart Guy Sony sells all of the original
seasons as a box set. They are
still making money off of the series.
It now has the opportunity to profit
off of the spin-off. Chuck Norris is the original Cordell Walker. No one could replace him and keep the viewers Walker had. Plus, he is still popular and will make the show a success. -Walker, Texas Ranger
-Martial Law
-Sons of Thunder Time Slot 8:00 pm Target Market Mostly male audiences but also females
Ages 16-60
People who grew up with the original show
Fans of Chuck Norris
People who like western style films
People who like martial arts and action

Promotion Competition Hawaii Five-0 The summary describes it as an action packed cop show. This is similar to Walker, Texas Ranger in that the show is an update of the original Hawaii Five-0. NCIS NCIS is similar to Walker Texas Ranger because it is a police drama. Agent Gibbs is similar to Walker, Texas Ranger because he uses the old school methods to catch criminals Mentalist This is a show about a man
who uses his wit to outsmart
criminals. Walker does this too,
but in a different way than Patrick Jane. ABC @ 8:00 pm- Wife Swap CBS @ 8:00 pm- Ghost Whisperer NBC @ 8:00 pm- Friday Night Lights
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