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White and Red Plum Blossoms--Ogata Korin

No description

lia larasati

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of White and Red Plum Blossoms--Ogata Korin

White and Red
Plum Blossoms
Ogata Korin Lia Larasati Formal Analysis Contextual Analysis •Korin’s work typically attracted rich Edo merchants, his usual customers; used in homes of wealthy merchant families (Japanese Art and Culture by Kamini Khanduri, pg. 12)
•Korin’s folding screens probably used as a background, as decoration, or as a partition to a room; viewed as part of home decoration (Japanese Art and Culture by Kamini Khanduri, pg. 12)
•Work significant as part of the Rinpa School—founded by Korin, revived indigenous Japanese artistic interests described by the term yamato-e, or “Japanese painting,” favored themes: nature, seasons, Japanese literature (Metropolitan Museum of Art website, “Rinpa Painting Style,” http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hi/hi_ogata.htm)
•Regarded as a Japanese National Treasure (MOA Museum of Art, http://www.moaart.or.jp/en/collection/japanese-paintings54/)
•Flashes of color of the plum blossoms
contrast the muted tones
of the stream •Does not use western
perspective standards in
that the trees are
shown from a position
on the ground,
but viewers look down
on the stream from above
•Korin uses tarashikomi—
dropping ink and
pigments onto surfaces
still wet with
previously applied ink—
to create a mottling effect on the trees
•Stylized, curving shapes
on the stream represent
water flowing

•White and red blossoming
plum trees separated
by a stream
•Korin more concerned
about the contrast
of the curving stream
and angular trees Red and White Plum Blossoms
ca. 1808-1841
Edo Period Comparable Work Sakai Oho •Korin influenced by textile patterns because he was the son of an important textile merchant (Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, Eleventh Edition, Volume II, Chapter 27, pg. 826-827)
•Influenced by Koetsu and Sotatsu, who laid the foundations of the Rinpa School created by Korin (Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, Eleventh Edition, Volume II, Chapter 27, pg. 826-827)
white red
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