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Civil Rights Movement/ Era

No description

Katie Miller

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement/ Era

Double click anywhere & add an idea Strategies Sit-ins Members of the Civil Rights
movement sat in white only places. Freedom Summer An effort to register blacks to vote, meanwhile the KKK attempted to stop this. Montgomery Bus Boycott A boycoot on buses after Rosa Parks
was arrest and they errand errand the
right to sit where you want on buses. Civil Disobedience Breaking an unfair law just
show how unfair it really is. People Rosa Parks An African-American women who
rode in the white section of a bus
and was arrested. Thurgood Marshall The first African-American to serve on
the Supreme Court of the United States,
he won the Brown vs. Board of Education trial. Malcolm X An African-American who was a public speaker,
minister, and a human rights activist. Stokely Carmichael He was a member of the Freedom Riders,
and participated in Freedom Summer but
soon changed his mind about non-violence
and joined the Black Panther Party. Organizations Black Panthers KKK A more violent group,
carrying weapons with them. People who wanted any person killed if they spoke of colored people being treated worse. They thought white people were better and should have to rights. NAACP To help get rid of racism and ensure rights
and fairness to colored people. Nation of Islam A religion organization for African Americans with Elijah Muhammad as the leader. They were more violate and seeking equality. Events Little Rock Nine 9 African Americans who were the first
switched to an all white school in 1957. Brown V. Board of Education A trial fought to get segregation in schools unconstitutional in 1954. This trial won, declaring that it was illegal to have segregation in schools. Civil Rights Act of 1964 Desegregation of public accommodations took place after this federal law outlawed racial segregation. Voting Rights Act of 1965 Before you could vote you had to pass
a literacy test, this federal law got rid
of those which got rid of discrimination
at the voting booth.
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