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"Sixteen" by Maureen Daly

No description

Olivia Kester

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of "Sixteen" by Maureen Daly

"Sixteen" by Maureen Daly
Olivia Kester
11 Adv-8
Wednesday, November 6

Maureen Daly
Family: Parents and three sisters. Married William P. McGivern and had two children, Megan and Patrick.
Home town: Born in Ireland and moved to Fon du Lac when she was two.
Education: Went to a catholic high school and later a catholic college.
Genre: Young Adult Novels.
Awards:Her high school English teacher was the one to enter Daly's story "Fifteen" in the Scholastic Magazine's writing contest, where the story took third. Her short story "Sixteen" took first the next year. Daly also won the O. Henry Memorial Award and the Literary Fellowship Novel Award.

"Sixteen" is set in Wisconsin in 1938, on a winter, Thursday night. The majority of the story takes place at the local skating rink.
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Main Character. Has two older sisters. Knows what a girl should and shouldn't do. Get's around. She can be described as a dynamic character because she does change over the course of the short story.

Main character. Described to be a popular, big shot. He is said to be the best dancer in town. Seems to be a "player", seeing as he promises to call the girl but never does. He is a stock character because he is a stereotypical, popular guy.
Style, Theme, Point of View
The style of the story is terse, but Daly does use some description.
Some themes of the book are Adjusting to Life,
To me the message was that you shouldn't get caught up in boys and teenage drama, and you should do what you think is right not just what everyone else is doing.
The girl introduces herself and how she knows about the world of teenager girls.
She goes to the skating rink and meets the guy.
They talk, laugh, skate, and he walks her home. He then says he will call her.
Although he never calls and she becomes sad and upset with this guy.
Finally she decides to move on and leave this guy in the past because she knows he'll never call, they never call.
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