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Setting up a new business in Italy

No description

Oxana Belik

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Setting up a new business in Italy

Double click anywhere & add an idea Setting Up Business Made by Oxana Belik Register with the Register of Enterprises (Registro delle Imprese) at the local Chamber of Commerce.
Costs to complete: EUR 168 for registration tax + EUR 155 or EUR 185 for registration with Chamber of Commerce (EUR 65 for stamp fee and EUR 90 for electronic registration ) + EUR 200 (membership fees) issuance of the tax identification number, VAT number, and registration with Social Security Administration (INPS) and Accident Insurance Office (INAIL) In the near future business will have to carry out all administrative procedures regarding company start-ups via a centralised internet-based procedure, called "Comunicazione Unica". This will include procedures related to taxes, social security, welfare and advertising. At present it is being tested by a number of Chambers of Commerce.

In order to register entrepreneurs must contact the Chamber of Commerce of the Province in which the enterprise is located.
Chambers of Commerce have local jurisdiction. Time to complete: 5 days. In practice, registration may be complete within 1 day.
-immediately a reference number for the registration procedure;
- immediately the tax identification number and the VAT number;
- within 5 business days, the Registration with the Register of Enterprises;
- within 7 days INAIL documentation;
- within 7 days INPS documentation.
Notify the workers to the competent Labor Office (DPLMO) Time to complete: 1 day Costs of complete: no charge Resources used:
1. http://ec.europa.eu/youreurope/business/starting-business/setting-up/italy/index_en.htm
2. http://www.chamberofcommerce.it/inglese/
3.http://www.doingbusiness.org/Exploretopics/startingbusiness/Details.aspx?economyid=96 Laws define the process:
1. Italian Civil Code
2. Decree Laws # 296/2006, 185/2008, 182/2008, 206/2007 Thank you for your attention! Entrepreneurs must first of all obtain the necessary authorisations needed for the specific sector in which they operate. Certain businesses (for example pharmacies, taxis, tobacconists), need a municipal authorisation. Others (such as hairdressers and beauty parlours) need a specific degree, qualification or similar (such as registration in the Register of Tradespeople for catering activities). Chambers of Commerce are responsible also for informing, guiding, training and supporting those who decide to set up their own businesses.
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