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STAAR Review 2012

No description

Kaylee Richards

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of STAAR Review 2012

STAAR Review! DIVIDE! Fraction --> Decimal: man goes inside...horse stays outside! add a decimal up top and zero down below WRITE IT LIKE YOU SAY IT! Decimal--> Fraction simplify! Percents are out of 100!!! Decimal to Percent Percent to Decimal move the decimal two places to the right! move the decimal two places to the left! What is the most important thing to do no matter what the problem is???????? READ THE QUESTION!


READ!!!! FIND COMMON DENOMINATOR Return them to normal! Make your new fractions! Think!!! Order them the way it TELLS YOU! ordering fractions 2 3 = proper fraction 3 2 = improper fraction 3 1 2 = mixed number Please, excuse, my, dear, aunt, sally! Order of Operations P-Parenthesis () or {} or []
E- Exponents 2 = 2x2x2
M- Multiply 2x2 2(2) 2 2 2n
D- Divide
A- Addition
S- Subtraction 3 . read left-right which ever comes first! read left-right which ever comes first! How many times to multiply that
number BY ITSELF!!!!!! The exponent tells you... how many degrees in a circle??? 360 Hey, whats the most important test taking tip?????? READ!!!! distance around the circle! Circumference Area uses SQUARE units! Volume is Cubic units 2 triangles make a quadrilateral... How many degrees are there in a quadrilateral? there are 180 degrees in one triangle... so there is 360 degrees in a quadrilateral! mean is the... AVERAGE! Median is the... MIDDLE NUMBER! after ordering them least to greatest or greatest to least! Range is... The difference between the greatest number and smallest number... Mode sounds like... MOST!!!! (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Across then up... drive before you fly... run before you jump... = 3 1 2 2 7 Divide top by bottom and put remainder over the original denominator Probability:

possible outcomes total outcomes make a ratio of whole numbers go to the LEFT of the decimal... answer: 320 3 2 0 if it is less than 1 than it goes to the right of the decimal... answer: 0.25 0 2 5 < less than

> greater than Obtuse Acute right peRIMeter peRIMeter peRIMeter peRIMeter AREA remember to answer as you go... USE YOUR FORMULA CHART!!!! Ratio:



3 to 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 if it says square units what is it asking for??? AREA!! what does it want if it is talking about fencing??? PERIMETER! Please, please, PLEASE! read the directions... read the question... make sure you know what its asking... take your time... and try your best!!! Good Luck, I know you all can do it :) When in doubt
set up a... Cross Multiply and Divide! Or...Scale up or Down: PROPORTION DP DP Scalene- Equilateral- Isosceles- No congruent sides and no congruent angles! All congruent sides and all congruent angles! Two congruent sides and two congruent angles! exactly 90 degrees less than 90 degrees greater than 90 degrees
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