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NCFE Level 1 Employability- Unit 01 Understanding Mindset

No description

Angela Ellis

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of NCFE Level 1 Employability- Unit 01 Understanding Mindset

What Qualities Are Attractive to Employers?
Mindset Qualities
Key Questions
1.2 What qualities do you already have & which need to be developed to achieve your own job goal
1.3 Outline why honesty, commitment, flexibility and accountability are key qualities to employers
1.1 What mindset qualities are attractive to employers?
Positive Mindset Cycle
Has a desire to do or learn something new.
Inspired by others success.
Embraces challenge.
Persists despite obstacles.
Learns from criticism.
Effort leads to mastery, desired results achieved
Success builds confidence & self-belief.
Research carried out by REED recruitment agency revealed that
of employers would choose to hire an individual with the desired mindset who lacks the complete skill-set.

Why do you think this is?
Relationship builder
Negative Mindset Cycle
Wants to look smart.
Gives up easily due to obstacles.
Does not achieve.
Sees effort as fruitless
Ignores useful feedback.
Threatened by others success.
How might a negative mindset affect your job prospects?
1. Honesty
2. Trustworthy
3. Committed
4. Adaptable
5. Accountable
6. Flexible
7. Determined
8. Loyalty
9. Relationship builder

100% of employers ranked honesty and trustworthiness in first place, marking them as essential or desirable. Not a single employer said that these qualities were not important and more than 90% said they were essential.
Mindset Quality:
An employability quality is an aspect of an individual's mindset or skillset that can be clearly demonstrated through a combination of actions or words.

You must be able to demonstrate your qualities to a potential employer

A skillset is all the different skills that are needed to do a particular job.
Top 10 Mindset Qualities
1.4 Give examples of when you have been honest, committed, flexible and accountable

1.3 Outline why honesty, commitment, flexibility and accountability are key qualities to employers
Each group is to write one quality on their flipchart paper:

1. Honesty
2. Commitment
3. Flexibility
4. Accountability

Now discuss in your group and write down a description of this quality. Use examples if it helps. Each group will then move to the next three tables in turn (Round Robin) and complete the same task for each quality.


Honesty will earn trust and build team morale
Trust will enable you to become part of the team
It is important that people at work feel you will always tell the truth if there is an issue
Honesty will show that you are worth investing in, progressing and giving more responsibility
Honest staff won't cost the company time or money

Employers want staff they can trust to be accountable
They want individuals to account for their activities
Employers want individuals to accept responsibility for their activities
To disclose activities in a transparent manner.
Also includes the responsibility for money or other entrusted property.


Employers want to know you are dedicated to the job
It is important that they feel you want to stay in the job so they don't have to look for new staff
To employers it means being helpful and going the extra mile (like covering for sick colleagues)
They want the reassurance of knowing that you will spend your time at work doing the best you can for the company
Important that they feel you can be relied upon in difficult circumstances

Employers want staff that can get on with different types of people
If you are flexible you will be able to complete different tasks for the employer
Flexible people can deal with changes (to their role and regulations etc.)
You could be considered for progression which also benefits the employer
Give an example of when you have been: (1.4)

1. Honesty
2. Flexible
3. Committed
4. Accountable

Complete this in your Assessment Book

1.5 Outline how your own mindset qualities could affect your employability

1.6 Identify actions to improve your own mindset qualities
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