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Lesson 1 - Skellig Chapter 8&9- PEE Paragraphs

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on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Lesson 1 - Skellig Chapter 8&9- PEE Paragraphs

We are going to read Chapter 8 and 9.

Chapter 8 and 9
PEE Paragraphs - Recap
Author's use of language
Michael's emotions
Development of Skellig
Michael's growing friendship with Mina --> girl next door who is home schooled.

Wednesday 19th November 2014
By David Almond
PEE Paragraphs
LO: To understand the conventions of a PEE paragraph
CO: To create my own PEE paragraphs
Answer the following questions:
1. What has happened in Chapter 8 and 9? Write 2-3 sentences
2. What is Michael's opinion of Mina?
Write down 5 adjectives that describe Michael's character in the book so far
Use these pictures to help you
"..the kind of eyes you think can see right through you."
Draw what you think Mina's eyes might look like
What are they?

oint - The main point of your argument that presents your idea

When and why do we use them?
When you are writing about a text.
It is very important that you use quotes to back up what you are saying.
Using PEE is a way of writing about a text making sure that you include textual evidence.

vidence - Select a quote that backs up your point to show where the idea has come from

xplain - explain your idea further. What could it suggest? You could give your personal opinion
"...the kind of eyes you think can see right through you"
This quote could suggest that Mina can tell when someone is lying or what they are thinking. The author might have described Mina's eyes like this because Michael is a closed off character and Mina would be able to help him show his emotions as she could guess what he is feeling.
I think that Michael's impression of Mina is that she is clever.
Your turn...
"...she had hair as black as coal"
"His face was pale as a dry plaster"
"His black suit hung like a sack on his thin bones."
Write a PEE paragraph for each of these quotes
Extension Task: From Chapter 9
Pick a quote that shows Mina is inquisitive and write a PEE paragraph
Pick a quote that shows Mina being interested in nature and write a PEE paragraph

Answer the questions using the PEE paragraph
1. Mina says Michael is seen as dangerous to the birds. Why?
2. What were Mum and Michael teasing Dad about?
3. How do you know Michael's mum is worried about him?
Success Criteria
Success Criteria
Sentence starters
In the novel we can see...
The author portrays...

A quote that shows this is "......"
This is evident when the author writes "..."
We know this because...
This is shown..
This suggests...
The proves...
This means...
This tells the reader that...
This has the effect of...
The author shows...
Follow the PEE paragraph in the correct order

Quotes come from chapters 7-9

In your explanation, make sure you can either summarise what the quote means or you are able to pick out a key word and explain why it is important or what it shows

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