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Priscilla Soh

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Ethnocentric

Ethnocentrism What is ethnocentrism? Judging another culture solely by the values and standards of ones' culture. Let's watch this video! STAGE 2: Defense STAGE 1: Denial of Difference - Completely ethnocentric
- Believed that their culture is the correct one
- Uninterested in cultural differences
- Do not make the effort to take notice other cultures Examples of Denial An organization that while conducting public
relations in a host country would try to
implement the exact same campaign that had
been previously implemented in the home
country. Examples of Defense A religious belief that
everyone in the world is
a child of god.

It is not ethnocentric to have a religious belief, it is ethnocentric however, to assume that people from other cultures would if they share the same religious belief as one. STAGE 3: Minimization Examples of Minimization ETHNOCENTRIC OFTENS LEAD
TO EXTREME STEREOTYPING: - Men are stronger than woman
- Asians are good at mathematics
- Muslims are terrorists
- Blondes are dumb
- Woman are bad drivers
- Americans are obese Examples of Denial

When a Korean visits Malaysia and goes around asking if there is any stalls selling dog meat. This would offend the Malaysians as they think it is inhumane to eat dog meat while Korean thinks it is okay.

When a class is full of Singaporeans students and only has one China student, the China student refuses to mix around the class as he doesn't want to accept Singapore's culture.

Examples of defense - Present day politics.

United states has often thought itself as a more powerful and economically well off than the other nations, hence placing them in a “better” position.

America intervenes into other nation’s affair like the middle east. In the recent days, they have been trying to bring modernization into the different part of the world.

Eg. Zimbabwe - Own culture is experienced as the best way to live
- Frequently accompanied by overt negative thinking

US attempt to "bring democracy" to the rest of the world, which immediately shows that US preference that democracy is the only acceptable or is the best form of government.

One example is Iraq.

"The first of these steps will occur next month, when our coalition will transfer full sovereignty to a government of Iraqi citizens who will prepare the way for national elections." as quoted by George W. Bush - People notice superficial cultural difference such as food, custom, physical structure and psychological needs

- But emphasize human similarity in psychology needs, telling themselves people are more same than different, trivializing differences.

- Want to get along with everyone

- Yet to develop self-awareness about culture

-People tend to use their own worldview to interpret other’s behaviour and that the idea of a ‘universal truth’ is usually based on one’s own culture or values. Raising awareness for Ethnocentrism - Be educated about other cultures

- Develop intercultural communication competence

- Be aware and sensitive to different culture.

- Learn to be accepting and understanding of the importance of others’ cultures

- Visit different cultures and work with people from diverse backgrounds.

- Employ people from different backgrounds and those with international experience. Examples of Minimization Everyone from all cultures would like to live in a democratic society, if they could.

There is a Minimization assumption that all everyone really wants to be “like us.” Let's watch this video
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