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All about Dreams

No description

$hwong ♫♪♫♪

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of All about Dreams

Lucid Dreaming
When we dream, we are often unaware that it's a dream, but sometimes, when a person
aware or their dream, it's called Lucid dreaming. In Lucid dreaming the dreamer can direct the path of the dream, but it is very rare.
Researchers say that dreams convey repressed emotions. Often they can reveal wishes or desires we may or may not have known. But the messages are hidden because it would shock the mind and awake the dreamer.
Everyone you see in your dreams is someone you've seen when you're awake. Even if its a stranger you've never seen before.
Dreams date back before words even existed.
Amazingly, dreams have inspired many of our creations today, for example, Google and the Periodic table
All about Dreams
The End
History Of Dreams
In sleep-deprivations experiments, people who are awake for long periods of time start to experiment hallucination and other events of the dream state when they are conscious.
How meaningful dreams may seem to be...
What they

Have you ever had a dream which was suddenly cut off? If you ever want to continue a dream, just visualize the dream up to the point where it stopped and slowly drift back to sleep.
: it
not work.
People in dreams can represent many things: themselves, other people, the dreamer, or even ideas. People in your dreams can show how you see or feel about your relationship with them.
Just like how dreams show your desires, nightmares can show your fears. Studies shows that people who experience nightmares often tend to be more open and sensitive by nature.
In dreams, there is
logic. You could know someone that doesn't look like that person at all or switch from scene to scene and it would feel totally natural.
Dreams tend to jump around everywhere and if you try to connect them, it wouldn't make sense. It's better to think of dreams as a series of short stories each with their own meanings. The overall meaning will depend on the dreamer. Usually only the dreamer can interpret their own dreams because everyone has their own meanings for different things.
Thank you!
Get some sleep
For example, running can symbolize drastic change while running in slow motion can symbolize helplessness, but that isn't always the case.
Dreams, something everybody has every night
maybe we don't remember it but it's something everyone needs in order to stay sane.
The Future
In some rare chances, people catch a glimpse of the future in their dreams, coincidence or not! When you see that exact scene, you will recall that it came from your dreams.
You dream every night. Some people claim they don't dream, but you
to dream. We just don't think we dream because we usually forget it within a few hours.
They can also effect your mood when you wake up.
"They don't dream"
If you think blind people and pets can't dream, think again!
Just because blind people can't see, doesn't mean they can't dream, their dreams just involve the five senses more.
Sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis is truly a
terrible thing. It happens when you are asleep, you are paralyzed and feel an extremely evil presence in the room, what's worse is that it feels real.
Real or not?
While dreaming, you can't read or tell the time, if your ever unsure if it's a dream or not check the time or try reading something, it will definitely be disordered. You can only try this during
Lucid dreaming
, while you are aware.
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