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Tank Man

No description

Mr. Stack

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Tank Man

Tank Man was a great man. He walked straight up to a tank and said no you can't come in here and swung his grocery's at them.
the day before tank man waked up and did his thang, there was a protest in tiananmen square. The goverment is very powerful so they shot all of the people in the protest and that is what trigered tank man.

tank man stopped the tanks on june 5,1989. he swung his grocerys then climbed into the tank (or at least tryed to). he made his own little protest against the tanks. he woulve stood there until he got really old.
he was very brave and heroic. He got so mad that the goverment was sending people to kill the protest, literaly so he took a chance and stood up for his people
there have been many problems in china before this happened. this man remains aystery 24years after it happened but that doesnt make this problem less memerable.
he was taken away after standing up for his people.
he is a mystery
face the fact he was amazing
back to the grocerys they were a great part of history
Tank Man
he stood up!!!!!!
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