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Copy of Restaurant Service Standards and Sequence of Service

FBTECH1 Report

Manuela Sampaio

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Restaurant Service Standards and Sequence of Service

Restaurant Service Standards
Sequence of Service The ‘order of Service’ is a sequential checklist of services from the arrival to the departure of the guest. It will differ in detail depending on the style of the establishment and services it offers.

The sequence of service will take into account the particular tasks to e performed to achieve a smooth flow of service to suit the special needs of the each guest
Sequence of Service Checklist of Service A written checklist of service ensures the consistency of the services offered and acts as a guideline to part-time and new waiting staff. 1. Welcoming Guests
2. Guiding and Seating the Guests
3. Check comfort and seating arrangement
4. Serving Water
5. Menu Presentation
6. Order Taking
7. Placing order/s to system and kitchen
8. Quality Checking
9. Food Presentation
10.Check Satisfaction
11. Offer Desserts and Drinks
12. Clearing and Crumbling
13. Presenting the Bill
14. Bid Farewell. Thank the Guest/s
Service Sequence Always lead the guests.
Use open palm in directing which way to go.
For elderly and/or disabled, assist properly.
Always follow guest preference.
Assist when sitting by pulling out and pushing back the chair gently. Ladies first.
Offer a booster chair
Escorting the Guest/s Confirm if they are comfortable with the selected seat and table.
Ask if the table is enough for the group.
Adjust to any of the guest preference.
Check satisfaction.
Check Comfort Regular water must be served immediately.
The water is poured from the right hand side of the guest.
Keep a serviette handy.
Water Service Ensure that the restaurant is ready for the service.
Greet the guest/s with a SMILE.
Welcome the guest/s and ask if they have a Reservation
Ask the guest's preference (smoking or non-smoking area)
Guide guest to table preference (use open palm) Welcoming Guest/s Offer the menu to each guest, ladies first.
Open the menu to the first page while offering it to the guest.
Check that the menu is not upside down before offering to the guest.
Menu Presentation Always carry a pad and a pen to the table.
Stand at a convenient distance from the guest.
Make useful recommendations and suggestions.
Take the beverage order first, then starter order, and then the main-course.
Inform the guest about the cooking time.
Repeat the order.
Taking Orders Encode the orders to the system.
Inform guest preference on food and beverage
Placing Orders to Bar and Kitchen Know what your product is
Preparation time
Sauces, condiments, etc. that goes with the meal
Cutleries, chinawares and glasswares needed
Suggest other food items best to go with the meal ordered

Knowing your product Check if prepared food is within standards.
Check preparation based on guest request.
Check plates used and cutleries set-up in the table.
Check condiments needed.
Prepare all serving gears. Quality Check All beverage is served from the right side of the guest.
All food is served from the left side of the guest.
Confirm or repeat order while laying items on the table.
Thank guest: "Enjoy your meal/drinks, Sir/Maam."
Food Presentation/Serving Check when it is the right time to interrupt.
"How's the food/beverage?" "How's the taste?"
"Was it prepared to your satisfaction?"
"Is there anything else I may assist you with, Maam/Sir?"
"Thank you very much. Enjoy your meal/drinks."
Check Satisfaction Offer and suggest desserts and hot after-dinner beverages to guests.
"Excuse me, Maam/Sir, would you like to try our __________ for dessert?"
Serve hot beverages hot.
Serve cold desserts cold.
Offer Desserts and Drinks Secure bill from the cashier.
Excuse yourself and present the bill to the guest.
Thank the guest and excuse yourself.
Forward the bill/s to the cashier for posting.
Presenting the Bill After processing the bill, return to guest and hand over change if there are any.
Assist guest as they prepare to leave.
Lead guest to doorway.
Sincerely thank guest, and bid farewell.
Bidding Farewell http://www.ehow.com/facts_6816009_restaurant-customer-service-standards.html


http://www.slideshare.net/bhavna123/sequence-of-service-restaurants-presentation Sources SERVICE STANDARDS: Listen and follow up
Happy Staff
Be There For Your Guest
Establish Guest Connection
High restaurant customer service standards are essential to the growth and success of an establishment.

S E R V I C E S T A N D A R D S Service Standards Servers and bartenders must always listen carefully to the requests of the guests and write them down if necessary. Be sure to note any allergies or specific diet requirements and let the manager and cooks know about modifications.

After the meal has been presented, follow up within two minutes to see how the guests are enjoying the meal.
Listen and Follow-Up Customers should be treated "like members of a private club" according to the Amazing Service Guy website. Remembering names and favorite drinks/meals of customers encourages them to return and possibly recommend the establishment to others.
Courtesy Treating staff members with respect will keep them happy and motivated to perform their job well. Unhappy staffs that are continually talked down to are much less likely to be interested in maintaining a good work attitude and might even say negative things to customers about the establishment's owners/managers or the quality of the food. Incentives to perform well, such as bonuses and gift certificates, can further encourage optimal work performance.

Happy Staff Be there for your guest from before they arrive until they leave. In all restaurants, at all levels of service, paying attention to the guest’s every need is of utmost importance to building the customer base and to keep them coming back.
1. Readying the Restaurant
2. Greeting the Guest
3. Approaching the Guest
4. Table Maintenance
5. End of Service

Be There For Your Guest The dining experience can be made up of several significant points, however, the one that supercedes all, is that the service staff and management “connect with the guest.”

1. Smile
2. Shift the Job Focus
3. Eliminate Guest Complains
4. Saying goodbye
Establishing Guest Connection Show your guests and your neighbours you care by being out in front of the restaurant everyday, sweeping the side walk, replanting and watering flowers, and washing the windows. A guest will think that the cleanliness and service inside is spectacular. Readying the Restaurant Every guest should be individually and personally greeted as soon as they enter the restaurant. The host or manager should not be running from the back of the restaurant to the front trying to say “Hi” to each guest. Rather, the host should be at the front door, waiting for the guest. Greet the Guests You should welcome everyone to the restaurant, chat them up just a little and then move to their orders. Take orders from women first and men second. Approaching the Guests Table Maintenance Table maintenance is a big issue and impacts directly on the level
of service offered. Guests like to sit at a clean table and one that is clutter free. Ensure that you are at the table often, clearing dirty dishes, removing wine and cocktail glasses that are not being used and replacing cutlery as necessary. Offer more wine, clean up spills and show the guests that you are mindful of their experience at the restaurant and in your section. End of Service Service does not end until the guest leaves the building. Sincerity is not real unless carried through to the end. After the guest pays and is leaving, drop by the table and say “Good-bye, thank you for coming in and I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.”

This is the guest’s second-to-last impression and you should do everything to make it as good as you can. The host does deliver the last impression. The host should always be at the door greeting guests, so saying good-bye is an easy one. Everyone should smile all the time when on the restaurant floor. The restaurant is a stage and the staff are actors. Smile It is important that every staff member realize that their primary job is the “guest connect.” They should create an environment that makes every guest feel perfectly
comfortable within the restaurant so that the guest will
want to come back to enjoy it again soon. Shift the Job Focus Eliminate Guest Complains Guests no longer complain if they have a relationship with you and you put yourself in a position where you can provide them with information about what is going on.

If you make the “connect,” then the guest can inform you of issues in a different manner — asking for help or
asking what is going on. Saying Goodbye It has been found that the guest connect works best if you still care about the guest after they pay their bill and give you a tip. The guest connect is not a hustle but a sincere interaction with the guests. If you work it correctly, the guest will return and ask to be seated in your section.
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